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I sometimes find myself with the strangest of thoughts that seemingly just seem to pop into my mind without prompting on my part, or do I have a part in it and not know it. Research shows that the average person will typically have more than 6,000 thoughts in a single day. That is a lot of thoughts and some of those thoughts we are aware of and some are being pushed forward from our unconscious mind, that part of our mind that is outside of our conscious awareness.

This week’s challenge is to be curious about your thoughts. Ask questions like:

·        Where did these thoughts originate from? 
·        Where will my thoughts lead me?
·        Will my thinking get me where I want?
·        Do these thoughts fit me as a peaceful pilgrim or am I gearing up for battle?

“Your feet will take you where your mind goes.”

“Where we are in our life is a result of all our thinking,
i.e., relationships, views, career, prosperity, etc.”

To be reflective of our thoughts, one needs to bring awareness to them to help “identify” what we are really thinking and feeling. Awareness happens when we give ourselves some reflective moments to connect with the body, the mind and the emotions. This can be in the form of mindfulness meditation, but it can also be done while standing in line at the supermarket, sitting in the car, being in the comfortable chair at home or sitting in the backyard.

What it takes is to steady the body, calm the emotions and slow down the thinking. The easiest way to do that is to take some deep breaths. As you breathe, do not move your body, stop the physical movement, this is the first step to deeper awareness. Deep breaths help to balance the diaphragm which happens to be in the body’s “energy center” that controls our emotions. That is why deep breaths into the belly can calm emotions. And then as we continue to breathe deeply our mind can slow down. This exercise of breath and stillness for a few minutes or for 20 minutes will always have a calming affect and it will create space for inner reflection. Remember that awareness is not about searching for answers it is about being still and being open to let the answers come to you.


If your thoughts don't reflect how you want to live then like anything in life, changing our thoughts once is good but change happens only when things become a habit. Just like in meditation we come back to our breath over and over thereby creating a new habit of stillness. In changing our thoughts over and over we create a new habit that can move us forward to the life we envision for ourselves.


Massage Day, it is my favorite day of the week