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“Whenever our reaction to an emotional charged situation emanates from a deeply ingrained habit, it narrows our freedom of choice in the moment. Even if that habitual reaction has shown itself to be ultimately self-defeating, resulting in the opposite of what we hoped for, we are doomed to repeat it – unless we can notice when it is about to capture us and dictate how we behave once again. That’s the power of shifting into a mindful awareness.”
Tara Bennett-Goleman, Emotional Alchemy

As we bring mindfulness to our emotional habitual patterns especially at the moment they happen, we have a better chance of breaking those chains of habits. Mindfulness has the ability to change our emotional state even when we are most upset and distressed. Instead of seeing these moments as negative we can see them as an opportunity to grow and change.

With present moment awareness we can find ourselves responding differently to an irritation; getting in touch with a feeling we have ignored for a long time; or listening to what the feeling has to offer.  Sometimes mindfulness gives us more empathy for someone or for oneself.

For many, self-compassion can be difficult and many people say they are less kinder and harsher with themselves than they are with other people. Self-compassionate individuals, however, say they are equally kind to themselves and others.

Exercise for the week:
If you find yourself recalling an aspect of your personality that you dislike, notice your reaction, your emotional tone of your language. Notice other feelings that arise. Observe how that feels in your body, can you locate it in your body, is it in your “gut area”. That is our emotional center where we feel many of our emotions. Observe.

Now imagine gathering these emotions from your solar plexus area or wherever you feel them and bring those emotions up into your heart center. Pause. Offer yourself some kindness and warmth by relaxing your tone, softening your body. Now, envision your heart area becoming bigger.  If you like to bring in a color, imagine a soft pink light emanating love and kindness. Pour in more kindness, sweetness, understanding, and forgiveness. Observe.

Notice the changes within your heart center. No need to force any action, only to bring awareness to the sensations in your heart center and to your emotions. Be mindful of the experience. Remind yourself that you are worthy of love, of kindness and even compassion.

As your emotions shift, change and neutralize see if you can now offer kindness to the person you feel upset you and then expand it out to those around you. Offer them the same kindness, understanding and compassion you have offered to yourself. Pause. Observe.


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