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"Acceptance has two wings - compassion as well as mindfulness. We cannot be accepting of our experience if our heart has hardened in fear and blame."
Tara Brach, Radical Acceptance

This week is to bring a gentle awareness to our negative self-talk. I say “gentle” because it can be an emotional experience for many of us. So often we can forgive others but find it almost impossible to forgive ourselves.

Lightly tap into the present moments when you hear yourself being upset, blaming or even not forgiving yourself for something you did or something you said. Notice the words you are using and how it makes you feel, then pause. Take a breath. Take your attention from your head to your heart, rest there. You do not need to change anything or do anything; you just need to be. Be in your heart center and allow it to open. Feel the warmth, the sweetness, and feel the safeness of your heart. Experience being in your heart, that is all. At this point there is no need to change your mind, first things first, be in your heart and feel safe and accepting of who you are, the wholeness of you.

You can say to yourself-
                                        “As I rest in my heart, I bring balance to my emotions.”
                                        “As I rest in my heart, it calms me and my thoughts slow down."

This is the practice this week. To bring your thoughts and emotions from your head to your heart. Let us start here. 


Massage Day, it is my favorite day of the week