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Do you ever sit in your kitchen, look at your walls, your cabinets, your countertops, your floor, your furniture and wonder how your home and the kitchen you sit in everyday came to be? You might answer that you created the space yourself, you chose the colors, the materials, etc. but have you ever wondered how your house came to be before you moved into it.

It looks like this….
As you sit in your kitchen having your coffee/tea look around your space and become curious. Imagine your house never existing. Can you imagine just land with dirt, trees, brush and wildlife all around. Now think about how your house got started…

It started with a person(s) envisioning a community of houses on miles and miles of dirt.  There were men and women who built the foundation, the frame, the walls and all the way up to the roof top. There were electricians and plumbers. Constructions workers putting up drywall, kitchen cabinets, counters and appliances. And within every profession there is another layer of workers i.e., those that put together raw materials from nature to make cement, granite and metal and those who cut down trees for all the woodwork, just to mention a few. There are many layers of workers upon workers just to build and create a house that we can call home.

A home that provides comfort and happiness is something that many of us forgot that it would not exist without the hard work of so many people not just in our state but around the world.  There is a web of connection to other people on this planet that is so subtle we forget that it even exists. If one of those professions or workers did not exist, we would not be enjoying life as we do. Each craftsman, construction worker, artist and many more have had a hand in completing our houses. We do not sit in our kitchen alone.  

Deeper meaning:  We can think we don’t need each other but the reality is unless we are living “off the grid” we depend on each other’s ideas, creativity and labor for the comforts of our life.  Most of the time this is not in the forefront of our consciousness especially when we go about life not being mindful. We often go about our days not really thinking about what it takes to get gas for our cars, food to our table or the many people it takes to create our cell phones, our main source of communication.

We have no idea, nor will we ever know who had a hand in building our house. We don’t know the gender of the people, the race, the sexual orientation, their religion nor their political persuasion. We just know that if it were not for everyone doing their part in the construction of your house, there would be no house to call home.

In this simple exercise of mindful awareness, we can see how we are all connected and that we need each other in order to exist in this place we call earth. 


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