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Do you know that all day long we are surrounded by sound? There are very few moments when there is no sound. Even if we sit in stillness there is some form of sound around us or in us. We may think that sound comes only from the outside, but have you ever thought to think how we personally contribute to the world of sound.

The most obvious would be when we talk, the sound that comes out of our mouths. It can range from a whisper to a very loud roaring sound but all day long we are making sound even as we go about doing the simplest of acts.

This exercise looks like this...

Start with being aware of the different sounds that you make with the simple act of getting out of bed. The sounds of the sheets as you get out of bed, the blanket that you toss off yourself. The act of sitting up and putting on your slippers, your robe. You may be surprised at all the sounds that you create only within a few minutes of getting up.

Become aware of the sound of your feet walking throughout the house. The sounds of brushing your teeth, washing your face. The slurping sound of drinking your coffee or tea. The sound you make as you sit in your chair, the sounds of your body falling into the chair, maybe the sigh that comes out of your mouth. 

Throughout the day you will discover that there is nothing you do that does not make a sound. Some sound will be loud, some will be softer. There may be a thump, a swish, or a whisper of a sound. But there is no denying there is sound in everything we do.
Deeper Meaning: This exercise helps us to recognize our contribution to life, albeit just sound. It may seem to be such a small thing to observe in ourselves but remember we are not alone in this, all individuals on this planet are contributing to the sound on this planet, from a whisper to a loud clunk. Continued awareness of ourselves and in this case, the sounds that we make on a regular basis, opens us up to being more present with ourselves. The more present we are the better we understand ourselves and how we move through life and this world.

Without awareness we become creatures of circumstances, reactive to life circumstances but with mindfulness we become creatures of choice and the ability to respond in a more thoughtful way. 

We can only get to stillness when we are fully aware of the sounds around us. It is in this awareness of sound we can then understand and know the presence of stillness.


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