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Bringing Awareness to Your Morning Routine

It is said that human are creatures of habit. If we look at our daily routine in particular our morning routine. we may notice that we have the same routine every morning. Nothing wrong with having our morning routine, it can be comforting especially at this time when the world around us feels so chaotic. Routine makes us feel more grounded and supported. What I would like to suggest as a mindfulness practice is to bring more awareness in your morning especially as you prepare your first cup of coffee or tea. 
It looks like this….

As you stand in your kitchen feel your feet on the ground, notice how your feet feel in your shoes, slippers, or bare feet on your kitchen floor. How do you experience your floor? Is it hard, smooth, slippery, or rough? Take a breath and feel yourself standing on your floor. Take that in for just a few seconds.

Then as you get ready to make your coffee or tea use all your senses: look at the container of your coffee, smell the beans or grounds, listen as the coffee brews or the water boils and when you pour the brewed coffee in your cup feel the warmth of your cup in your hands.

Take time to sit and smell the coffee/tea in your mug. Notice the sensation of hot liquid in your mouth. Can you identify bitterness, smoothness or acidity? Is the flavor deep and bold or is there a slight hint of flavor? Be curious to explore all the different nuances of that first cup of coffee or tea. Now notice the sensation of the hot liquid going down into your stomach, notice the warmth in your belly.

Breathe and notice yourself sitting in your chair, being supported by your chair and all your 5 senses being awakened – your sense of smell, touch, taste, sight, and hearing.

Deeper meaning: of this exercise:  When we do things out of habit we forgot to be mindful. Unfortunately, a habit is something that we can do automatically without even thinking about it. Our mind can be on one thing and our body can be automatically doing our habitual task. Bringing awareness to our morning cup of coffee can help remind us to be more aware throughout the day. Being more present has a grounding and centering effect on our psyche. When we constantly do the same thing over and over, we lose sight of the freshness of it. When we are present, meaning being aware of what we are doing at the time we are doing it allows us to appreciate the moment and feel more fulfilled even if it’s a simple act of a cup of coffee. As we slow down and bring awareness to what we are doing we might be surprised that it can also bring moments of appreciation and gratitude as well.


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