May 2018
Newsletter of the Center for Educational Improvement
Mindfulness and Early Childhood Programs
Dear Educators,

Come play with us this month! Whether you are "sitting like a frog" or sparking curiosity with art, there are many opportunities for young children to have fun while they learn. Early learning is important and there is so much we can learn from each other- Join us virtually as we present ways to deepen the fun factor and also enhance cognition and learning.
Early Education With Heart
By Jillayne Flanders, CEI Faculty and Board Member

As we wrap our hearts and minds around Heart Centered Learning (HCL) and its infusion in our lives and schools, it seems wise to take a step back, pause, and look at what is happening around the nation and world. 

Innovations in Early Education Programs
By Morgan Grant, CEI Intern

It’s no secret that early education helps to create a sturdy academic foundation for students. Various studies about child development have shown us that quality education matters. After all, by age five, 90% of the brain has been developed as over one million neural connections are made per second! The general public has caught on that the earlier children are able to think critically, the better it is for their overall development (First Things First, 2015; Mongeau, 2016). In 2015, 67% of 4-year olds and 87% of 5-year olds were enrolled in an early education program (National Center for Education Sciences, 2017).

Supporting Secure Attachment and Self-Regulation through Mindfulness in Traumatized Children
By Dana Asby, CEI Intern

Around 676,000 American children are abused and neglected each year (HHS, 2018). Mindfulness practices help these children repair insecure attachments and problems with self-regulation that result from their early adversity. When caregivers are unable or unwilling to provide the warmth and attention children need to form secure attachments, young children experience difficulties with self-regulation that can affect later academic achievement and interpersonal success. Introducing traumatized children to kid-friendly mindfulness practices and resources like the Kindness Curriculum or Sitting Like a Frog can help children learn skills that will make them more resilient by being able to assuage negative emotions and regulate their emotions and behavior.

Upcoming CEI Workshops
Join us for a Presentation on Grit & Resiliency at the NAESP National Conference, July 11, in Orlando
CEI offers workshops on STEM, Mindfulness, & Yoga/Play
Tomorrow, Tomorrow
"Tomorrow, only a day away." There are so many ways to create a better tomorrow for our kids. Early learning programs can be dynamic, innovative, and even inspirational. We encourage you to tune into the latest research and help open doors to a better tomorrow.

Christine Mason
Center for Educational Improvement