December 18, 2019 - In This Issue:
Multiply Your Light
By Trish Larsen, Executive Director

Early this month, we received a beautiful letter accompanying an anonymous donation in honor of one of Minding Your Mind's board members:

"During this season of giving, and a time that calls us to be mindful of all the reasons we have to be grateful, I cannot think of a better way to display my gratitude than with a donation in honor of Paul Lichtman. As you may recognize, Paul is a man who radiates goodness, kindness, care, and compassion for all beings, though with a special attention to those who may be considered less fortunate or vulnerable.

Please accept this donation as a small gesture, with gratitude also for what your organization does to bring mental health awareness, help, and support to our communities.

Quoting James Keller, I am reminded, "A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle." Building on that thought, not only is nothing lost, but so much is gained; the light is multiplied again and again, with each candle lit from just one flame.

Paul is that candle, as is your organization. May you continue to shine, and bring light to people suffering with mental illness, as well as those who interact with them."

These words and sentiments deeply touched all of us at the meeting, as it expresses the results we strive to achieve every day, with every speaker, at every presentation, to every person listening. We achieve this thanks to all of you; together we shine a light on mental health. May it shine brightly! Thank you for your kindness, generosity, and advocacy.

Wishing you a warm and wonderful holiday season.

In Memory of Ben Zuckerman
It is with great sadness we inform you of the passing of our dear friend and board member, Benjamin Zuckerman. Ben was a giant in life and a giant in the beverage industry. Ben was president of the fourth-generation bottling and canning firm, Zuckerman Honickman. Through his innovation Ben consistently established Zuckerman Honickman as an industry leader. Michael Zuckerman, a seasoned and very savvy businessman, has succeeded Ben as president of Zuckerman Honickman. 

Ben was a man of honor, integrity, and a great philanthropist. His tremendous efforts in fundraising along with his very generous personal contributions helped to enable Minding Your Mind to provide presentations to over 1,000,000 students, faculty members, and parents.

We celebrate Ben's life, although too short, and fondly remember his warmth, his friendly smile, and his caring ways. To all that had the pleasure of knowing him, both new and old acquaintances, they became lifelong friends with him. Ben will forever live in our hearts and souls.

In gratitude,

Minding Your Mind Board of Directors

Grace & Gratitude
Gifts & Grants Received since 
October 2019
Andrew McDonough Foundation
Be Kind. Always. Foundation
Comcast Employee Giving
Arthur Dantchick
Nancy & Glen Dever
Ethel Sergeant Clarke Smith Memorial Foundation
Feinberg Family Foundation
Fox and Roach/Trident Charities
Graham Company
Samantha & Bill Harmelin
In Memory of Bob Hunn and Jeremy David Hunn
In Memory of Jake Weber
In Memory of Maeve Murphy
Kuebler Family Foundation
Julie & Harris Miller
Diane & Bob Roskamp
Rubin Family Foundation
Molly & Kevin Ryan
Sandra and Alton Cleveland Charitable Trust
Seed the Dream
Spring Lake 5
Strott Family Foundation
Team Murphy/Families Behind the Badge Children's Foundation
The Barbara Brodsky Foundation
The Barbara and Harvey Kroiz Family Foundation
David Weinstock
Jannine & Jeff Yaas
Regional Updates
The holiday season is upon us, and you know what that means! It's the perfect time to reflect on what we're grateful for and how we can help others. Minding Your Mind New England is proud to announce this fall has been our most impactful yet, with nearly 250 presentations booked. We extend our deepest gratitude to the schools, local coalition groups, and foundations that work in partnership with us to meet our mission. 
We're reminded that the holidays can be a difficult time for many, specifically those struggling with mental health challenges, the stress from financial and economic burdens, and grieving the loss of a loved one. So, for folks just trying to get through the holiday season, take a break from thinking about presents and think presence: Try one of these three holiday mindfulness meditations. 
  • Mindful breathing: Turn your attention inward as you focus upon one of our most precious gifts, our breath. 
  • Mindful eating: Enjoy the moment while turning your attention to your senses as you explore the scent, taste, texture, and temperature of your favorite holiday treat. 
  • Metta meditation: Practice loving-kindness toward yourself and others, you deserve it! Take a comfortable seat, draw your attention inward and focus on your heart and breath, try repeating: May I be happy. May I be healthy. May I be safe. May I be peaceful and at ease. If you're up for it, extend these mantras to others in your life. 
We are wishing you all a happy holiday, and we are looking forward to what the new year brings!
New Year? New You! 
Here are three tips to make a more inclusive mental health climate at your school. 
  1. Book a school assembly or day of health classes so students can hear from our
  2. Provide professional development with Just Talk About It,  Social Emotional Learning & Mindfulness or parent education with Secret Lives of Teens & Tweens
  3. Start an Our Minds Matter Club
JOIN OUR TEAM! We are searching for new speakers to specifically serve Greater Boston and communities in Eastern Massachusetts. If you are interested in learning more, please contact New England regional director Michelle Drolsbaugh at
Minding Your Mind New Jersey & New York is excited to announce an annual partnership with the Christmas Classic Paddle Tournament! 

The beaches, families, and friends make the Jersey Shore an amazing place to grow up and raise a family. With that said, many who live here have been impacted in some way by mental health challenges. Even if paddle isn't your thing, we encourage everyone to come together and show their support for this effort-raising money, making friends, remembering loved ones. We all can make a difference in each other's lives.

The 2019 Christmas Classic
  • Tournament will be held on Saturday, December 28
  • Games will be held from 8am-5pm at Spring Lake, Sea Girt, and The Atlantic Club
  • Catered Lunch at The Atlantic Club from 1pm-2pm
  • Cash Bar at The Atlantic Club from 1pm-5:30pm
  • Trophy Ceremony from 5:30pm-6pm
Cost per team: $160.  Includes: a guarantee of two games, a tournament gift, lunch, and a drink pass (good for two drinks at the Atlantic Club).

There will be a 32 Team Draw this year, so please invite your friends!  
Questions? Please contact Guy Iacono,

December 28, 2019
The Christmas Classic Paddle Tournament 
Spring Lake & Sea Girt, NJ
January 16, 2020
Secret Lives of Teens & Tweens
Westborough High School
Westborough, MA
January 28, 2020
Just Talk About It, with Jordan Burnham
East Lyme High School
East Lyme, CT
February 19, 2020
Corporate Wellness Workshop 
Bryn Mawr, PA

February 23, 2020
Pennsylvania Association of Student Assistance Professionals
State College, PA
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MYM hosts an active and ever-growing community of individuals who are interested in making mental health education a priority in our society. We have over 5,000 followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and there is always room for one more. On our networks we share information about events, partnerships, and timely news and articles relevant to the mental health community. Come see what everyone is talking about! 

Many of Minding Your Mind's programs are provided on a donation basis. The majority of our financing is derived from fundraising events, personal contributions, and charitable grants, allowing us to serve organizations that may not be able to donate.

With a tax-deductible gift, you can help us share the message of mental wellness with more students and communities, promoting the understanding that leads to seeking help and ending stigma.
Looking Back
A Focus on Student Athletes
From an article titled,  NCAA faces uphill battle getting mental health care to student-athletes , published by Global Sport Matters

"Mental toughness. Those two words when applied to competitive sports serve to elevate the merely good to greatness. Athletes at the highest levels in their sports often have similar physical skills and attributes. Those who are "mentally tough" win championships. 

As the 21 st  century closes its second decade, more athletes are speaking out about dealing with mental health issues. That's a reflection of statistics from numerous studies that report more people - especially teens and young adults - are dealing with and seeking help for mental health problems..." Read Full Article

In response to the ever-present need and growing awareness about the mental health and wellness of student athletes, Minding Your Mind has increased outreach efforts to athletic directors and team club coaches.  Throughout this calendar year, Marissa Marschall, Pennsylvania Director, and Andrew Onimus, Director of Corporate Programs and School Engagement, have worked with more than 20 college athletic departments or conferences, and multiple high schools and team clubs to discuss ways to incorporate mental health education or mindfulness into their training regimens. 

Andrew Onimus at Muhlenberg College

"I was a college athlete and can speak first-hand as to how the performance expectations of balancing sport with academics can directly impact mental health," shares Andrew. "Our goal for the athletic departments is the same as all of our other programs, to start the conversation before a crisis hits. From the first moment a student puts on the jersey, you want them to know that the team is a safe environment, find positive ways to cope with stress, and that help will be provided when asked." To bring a Minding Your Mind program to your team or athletic department, contact Andrew or Marissa.    
Providing Comfort with Warrior Moms

Warrior Moms Group is
a group of mothers who have come together to support each other as they battle through their children's emotional stresses. The group provides a safe space in which women can discuss this difficult time and exchange useful information and advice gathered through personal experience.

One of the tangible supports the group provides is comfort bags that are distributed at various hospitals and treatment centers throughout New Jersey. These comfort bags are provided to parents whose children have been admitted or treated for a mental health or substance use issue. Included in the bag is a Minding Your Mind blanket, lip balm, stress ball, and bracelet, as well as information from AFSP and a book from  The Quell Foundation, all tied together with this heartfelt note from two warrior moms, De Snook and Wendy Sefcik:

Recently, Warrior Moms received this message from someone who had been given a comfort bag:

"As I left the emergency ward last night at 11:00pm, while my son was being transported to inpatient pediatric psych care, the staff social worker handed me one of your beautiful support bags. I was so touched and grateful in that moment. It was a gesture that left me speechless and admittedly a bit weepy!! This is not my first time at the inpatient rodeo. My daughter had been hospitalized twice before and this was round two for my son. While the stress of the fourth time isn't as debilitating as the first, it is still so difficult, as you are well aware! I just had to take a moment to say thank you. What you're doing matters so much. With the greatest respect..."

We are privileged to be a small part of the endeavors of the Warrior Moms Group and proud of our ongoing partnership. For more information on the comfort bags or Warrior Moms, please visit 
Running for Mental Health
NYC Marathoners (L-R)  Matthew Campanelli, Troy Iskarpatyoti, Samantha Holleritter

Two of the country's largest and most popular marathons took place in November, and Minding Your Mind was represented at both. On November 3, thousands of runners took to the streets of New York City for the 2019 TCS New York City Marathon. Many were there to fulfill a dream, while five of them ran for something more: to raise awareness for mental health and funds for Minding Your Mind.  Samantha, Megan, Shikha, Mathew, and Troy trained for many months and each raised over $2,500 that will support mental health education in schools and communities.

Under the watchful eyes of William Penn atop of City Hall, Mimi O'Leary conquered  the Philadelphia Marathon on November 24, in memory of her cousin's son, Jake Weber. Mimi and Jake's mother, Jamie, are first cousins, and Mimi was inspired by Jamie's determination to share Jake's story to help others. Mimi dedicated her marathon to raising awareness about suicide and funds for Minding Your Mind's The Jake Weber Fund. The Jake Weber Fund provides programs in schools in three southeast Pennsylvania counties.

Mimi O'Leary at the finish of the Philadelphia Marathon

We are grateful to Samantha, Megan, Shikha, Matthew, Troy, and Mimi for their time, leadership, and outreach, and so proud of their spectacular achievements. Just like they will forever be known as accomplished marathoners, they are forever part of the Minding Your Mind family.
LookingForward2 Looking Forward
Corporate Wellness Workshop
Join us February 19, 2020 in Bryn Mawr, PA

I s decreasing stress and increasing workplace productivity a topic that interests you? Do you work in Human Resources or Benefits, or in planning educational programs for your company? Mark your calendar now and plan on joining us to learn how Minding Your Mind can work for you.

On Wednesday, February 19, 2020, Minding Your Mind is hosting a Corporate Wellness Workshop at the Shipley School in Bryn Mawr, PA, from 8:30am to 10:30am. The morning will include presentations on why corporations are moving toward a greater focus on employee mental health, what workers are starting to look for when choosing an employer, and a sampling of the programs available through Minding Your Mind's Corporate Wellness Program. This event is free and open to the public, but space is limited. For more information and to receive a link for registration,
LookingForward2 Ovations

"I cannot say enough about how AMAZING Morgan was. In addition to giving her all 5 stars in questions above, it was so evident the impact she had on my students in such a little amount of time. She was so thoughtful and compassionate and really took to the students who wanted to talk to her after the presentation in more of a private setting. Any follow-up I have heard from colleagues (from their interactions with students) have been super positive as well!! THANK YOU ����
Featured Speaker
Timmy's experience shows that recovery is not only possible, but can lead you back to making your dreams become your reality.
Timmy grew up in a loving, caring household with parents that did everything they could to teach him to be a good and productive part of society. In high school, like many students that age, Timmy was exposed to drugs and alcohol and invited to partake in and out of school. Resisting this was a priority for him, until he eventually succumbed to the peer pressure and participated in use with some of his classmates. Within one year, he  went from being a participant to an initiator, and was deep in dependency.

In 2013, Timmy was captain of his school's nationally-ranked lacrosse team and graduated high school with a world of opportunity ahead of him. What he didn't expect was the reality that came crashing down on him because of his drug and alcohol use: his quick arrest as being involved in a drug distribution conspiracy that the media dubbed, "The Main Line Takeover Project."

After his arrest, Timmy went to treatment for his substance dependency. While there, he learned how difficult achieving long term sobriety was going to be, yet he made a decision to fully commit. He took responsibility for his choices and actions and made recovery the number one priority in his life. He went to his sentencing hearing 11 months sober, and a person who liked and wanted to continue to live sober.  He was sentenced to and served seven-and-a-half months in jail. Upon his release, he enrolled in Cabrini University. Four years later, as captain of the Cabrini Cavaliers lacrosse team, they accomplished the ultimate goal of winning a collegiate national championship. 

Today, Timmy shares with others the lessons he learned along his journey, hoping to inspire others to make good choices when faced with temptations, and that recovery is not only possible, but can lead you back to making your dreams become your reality.
To schedule a program with Timmy for your school or community, please  click here.