June 21, 2018 - In This Issue:
Serving Up Some Summertime
By Trish Larsen, Executive Director

School's out and summer is here! We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to provide close to 1,400 school programs in our 2017-2018 fiscal year. Thank you to everyone who had the confidence to invite us in for the first time, and to all of those who continue to support us year after year. Thank you to all of our donors for your incredibly generous support. None of this would be possible without you, as our the work we do grows more relevant and essential by the day.

Earlier this month, the CDC released a new study on suicide, looking at data from 1999-2016. The statistics were alarming: an increase in the rate in all but one state,  seen across age, gender, race and ethnicity. In in 2016 the rate more than doubled that of homicides. Of particular concern is a statistic receiving a great deal of coverage in the media, the high number of suicides among people with  "no known mental health issue." What needs to be clarified is that this number is significantly high among populations well known to be less likely to speak out about a mental health issue. We must continue bringing our programs into communities that will reach these groups and create a more welcoming and supportive environment for seeking help.

We'll spend our summer on new program development and will be back in the fall to share these discoveries with you. Please take some time during the summer months for self-care and relaxation. We will see you in September!

Thank you for your continued support. 
Grace & Gratitude
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Regional Updates
What a year it has been! When we began our journey in Massachusetts in 2016, we knew it would turn into something special. What we underestimated was how quickly that metamorphosis would take place. In only our second full year of programming, we are scheduled to complete over 210 presentations with close to 90 schools or organizations. WOW! Thank you for welcoming us into your communities. We feel like we've always been here! It is a testimony to the progressive and thoughtful individuals who prioritize mental health as a vital component of a healthy and happy life. 

Speaking of testimony, read what one school had to say about MYM program facilitator Linda Price:  

You can bring Linda to your school by scheduling a "Just Talk About It" program or Introduction to MindfulnessIt's not too early to book a fall program using our Book A Speaker form. September is Suicide Prevention Month and you can plan for it now.  For more information, please contact Massachusetts Clinical Director, Jon Mattleman, at  jon@mindingyourmind.org .
We are inspired by the number of schools and districts that hosted a Minding Your Mind program for the very first time this year. By the end of the 2017-2018 year, we will have completed 310 programs in new and repeat schools and organizations. 

In anticipation of that number growing next year, we are actively recruiting New Jersey-based young adult speakers and a clinician with experience working in urban areas. If you are interested in working with Minding Your Mind in New Jersey, please visit the Employment section of our website and let's explore how we can bring new stories and experiences to our communities.
Minding Your Mind programs help you initiate the conversations that promote healthy lifestyles and ultimately save lives.  Contact Guy directly to see how Minding Your Mind can collaborate and partner in helping NJ teens. 

2NDFLOOR is a confidential and anonymous helpline for New Jersey's youth and young adults. We are here to help you find solutions to the problems that you face at home, at school or at play. 
If you are between the ages of 10 and 24, live in New Jersey, and need to talk about an issue or problem that you are facing call 888-222-2228 anytime or  text us at 888-222-2228.

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June 23
Proud to Be Me
New York, NY

September 20
Boston, MA

October 16
"Angst" screening with Q&A
Hasbrouck Heights, NJ

October 28
9th Annual Blue Gene Gala
Wynnewood, PA

New York, NY
Follow MYM on Social Media
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MYM hosts an active and ever-growing community of individuals who are interested in making mental health education a priority in our society. We have over 5,000 followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and there is always room for one more. On our networks we share information about events, partnerships, and timely news and articles relevant to the mental health community. Come see what everyone is talking about! 

We receive so much inspiring feedback about our speakers and programs, but it's our best kept secret - no more! Every Tuesday is now #TestimonialTuesday on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and our website Home page. We will share a new testimonial that shows the positive results generated by Minding Your Mind speakers and programs. Here are a few from the beginning of the campaign:

Looking Back
MYM Hosts Screenings of "Angst: Raising Awareness Around Anxiety" in MA & PA
In cooperation with IndieFlix, and in recognition of Mental Health Month in May, Minding Your Mind held two screenings of the documentary "Angst,"  a new film created to open up the conversation about anxiety, and provide tools, resources & hope.

Nearly 275 people at the Shipley School in Bryn Mawr, PA, and 170 at Newton South High School in Newton Centre, MA, watched the movie and then participated in a Q&A with a Minding Your Mind clinician and young adult speaker. Feedback we received from attendees indicated that it was a powerful experience and should be made available to more communities.

We are pleased to say that in Fall 2018, a viewing of "Angst" followed by a Q&A with a clinician and young adult speaker will be added to our program offerings. The first presentation is scheduled for October 16 at Hasbrouck Heights High School in New Jersey. Watch for more information coming in September!
Record Number of Attendees at  
A Celebration of Life: Philadelphia
The Ballroom at the Ben was the location for the 3rd Annual A Celebration of Life: Philadelphia on May 10. The new, larger venue provided us the opportunity to reach out to more communities and invite more people to join us for what has become a "must attend" event of the Philadelphia spring season. Over 450 people came together to support mental health education, hear from MYM speakers, and recognize Jordan Craig and Derek Craig for their contributions to advocacy and promoting Minding Your Mind. Thank you to all of the sponsors and individuals who made it a successful and memorable night!
MYM team members past and present
(L-R) Donna Chambers, Carl Antisell, 
Dana Douthit, Ali Rothrock, Guy Iacono, and 
Kali Ferguson.
Emerging Minds Award recipients Derek Craig and Jordan Craig with event co-chair and MYM director of development Drew Bergman.

A Celebration of Life: Philadelphia co-chair Michael Garuccio bravely shared his mental health story publicly for the first time.
MYM on the Radio
Fresh Perspective on 1520AM
Minding Your Mind speakers Carl, Jon, and Drew, and clinical director Sheila Gillin all took turns on as guests on Fresh Perspective, a radio program on WCHE 1520AM in West Chester, PA with a reach of 3 million people more than 100,000 unique online visitors per month.

Host Donna Saul reached out to Minding Your Mind to offer us participation in her theme week "The Power of Commitment and the Intersection of Power and Purpose." Carl and Sheila appeared on Monday's program to introduce our organization and programs. The conversation went so well that Donna invited us back for another episode that week, featuring Jon and Drew. We are thrilled with this new partnership and are grateful to Donna and WCHE for helping us bring mental health education to the airwaves.

On June 26, Ali Rothrock will appear from 1PM - 2PM on an hour-long special addressing PTSD. You can listen online here, or look for the podcast link here to listen anytime.
WCHE1520 Fresh Perspective host Donna Saul in the studio with 
MYM speaker Jon Burgwin
LookingForward2 Looking Forward
Mental Health Education 
in the Workplace
The Bottom Line:
  • mental health issues are the leading cause of worker disability in the U.S.  
  • over 5 million people miss work each week due to stress.
  • 4 four million work days per week are lost due to depression.
  • 81% of lost productivity time is due to presenteeism.
  • Depression-related abstenteeism can cost a company $3,500 - $12,000 per employee per year.
  • For every dollar invested in creating a mentally healthy workplace, $2.30 is generated in benefits to the company.

Create an Environment of 
Advocacy and Understanding

MYM's Corporate Education Program is a 90-minute interactive workshop designed to educate adults on basic mental health issues and how they impact daily life  in the workplace, a t home, and  during interactions with others.

Appropriate for small businesses to larger corporations, this program is facilitated by one of Minding Your Mind's professional clinicians and includes a presentation by one of our young adult speakers to attach real-life experiences to the topics being discussed.

To learn how to bring this to your company, please contact Andrew Onimus, Director of Corporate Programs and School Engagement, at andrew@mindingyourmind.org
Meet Team Minding Your Mind
We have five generous - and sporty! - individuals who have joined Team Minding Your Mind to run the TCS NYC Marathon on November 4, 2018. There's Lisa, who will be running this legendary race to celebrate her 50th birthday, Caroline coming to us from across the pond in the UK, marathon veteran Greta, Shannon who's probably training as you read this, and Andreas is no longer just imagining himself running through the boroughs of NYC, he'll be doing it! Each of these participants will raise a minimum of $2,500 for Minding Your Mind. Read more about the runners and support their efforts by clicking here.
MYM Blog Welcomes Contributors
Behind the Smile
        by Michael Garuccio

"Let me preface this by saying, I am not writing this for any reason other than wanting to tell part of my story. I am not looking for pity, or social media responses. Simply, I want people to know that the truth can be misleading. That the people who look the most put together, can be the most broken. Mostly, I want to say what I have been feeling needs to be said aloud. " ...continue reading 

Do you have something you'd like to say about mental health? We are actively seeking submissions for blog posts! Please send the piece you would like considered for publication to Maura Wheeler, director of communications and public relations  maura@mindingyourmind.org
9th Annual Blue Gene Gala
October 28, 2018
Wynnewood, PA

Stay in touch for more information!
Featured Speaker
Kelly Moriarty turned around her early challenges to live a life of adventure.
Kelly was raised in a wonderful and loving family, however, something never felt right. She didn't feel a-part-of or good enough growing up. The people she was surrounded by supported her and loved her unconditionally, yet her mind told her otherwise. Her feelings felt so big and her thoughts felt so loud that she began to feel entirely alone. In an attempt to gain others' love and acceptance, she strived for absolute perfection in all of her endeavors. However, this created anxiety and a deep fear of failure.

All this negative energy and self-talk eventually fueled Kelly's attempt to achieve "the perfect body." She quickly found herself in the midst of an active eating disorder. Her binging, purging, and obsession with how she appeared drove her to a place of despair. In an attempt to escape her eating disorder, she began using drugs and alcohol while in middle school. Her attempt at escape only led to more bondage, as she became physically dependent on these substances. Her drug use led her to abandon all of the activities and relationships that she once loved. After being arrested multiple times and having her freedom at stake, she made the brave decision to seek help by attending a drug and alcohol treatment facility. During this time, she learned how to cope with her substance use disorder, her negative relationship with her body, as well as the anxiety and fear of failure she had experienced growing up. 

Thanks to the dedication she shows to her active and ongoing recovery, Kelly now lives a positive life full of travel and adventure. She hopes to help other young people cope positively with their internal thoughts, making sure they reflect the unconditional love that is in the world.

To schedule a program with Kelly for your school or community, please  click here.