Volume 58
May 2, 2015
Asian Antiques on eBay This Week

NOTE: Many very good eBay auctions are ending Sunday and Monday this week. 

Large three part 
Chinese Ming Bronze Buddha, 
23.9 " or 59.75 CM tall
18th Century Imperial Guyue Xuan Enamel On Glass Chinese Snuff Bottle
All on eBay right now
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Many Items Closing Sunday and Monday a few Later This Week. 
Dear BidAmount - eBay users, 

Large Ming Bronze, Imperial glass Snuff , fine Kangxi blue and white, numerous Chinese jewelry lots, inscribed Qianlong dish, fine lotus form Langyao Bowl.

 Thank you, 
Peter Combs

Our top picks for Asian Antiques on eBay this week
All items are from the EU, Great Britain, the USA. Remember to save this Watch list-NewsLetter for quick reference during the week.  
A large auction of over 125 items, jades, amber, jewelry, carved coral, Chinese jewelry
Extremely rare large Ming Bronze Buddha, Beijing enamel hand warmer, bronze Hu, Cloissone etc
Kangxi and 18th C. Famille Rose including plates and hat stand.
RARE Langyao Lotus Bowl, fine carved lacquer, many good snuffs, vases and more.
Large selection of 18th and 19th C. Blue and White and Famille Rose Bowls, Plates, Vases etc.
Four fine Ko-Sometsuke plates.
Fine carved rock crystal, jade, enamel and amber jewelry. 
Carved ivory brooch, blue and white and old carved Bamboo armrest. 
Early bronze belt hooks, bronze figures etc.
Fine 18th C. famille rose as well as 19th C. 
18th and 19th C. famille rose and blue and white, vases and plates.
Carved ivory brooch, 18th C. blue and white
18th C. Chinese blue and white including good export porcelains. Platters, bowls and vases.
18th C. Kangxi through Qianlong plates and bowls.
Fine blanc de chine, famille rose 18th and 19th C. 
LARGE selection of Transitional to Late Qing. Plates, vases, Kendi, Buddha. A large selection. 
A Little known bit about the Yuan Ming Yuan Summer Palace
In 1767 Louis XV sent tapestries made at the Golbeins factory to decorate the Great Hall within the Yuan Ming Yuan Palace. The 70 foot panel depicted French "court beauties" with their names below each image. The Emperor Qianlong was very pleased. 
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Peter Combs
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