Mini Prosit Newsletter 
September 25th, 2020
Next year Malvern Retreat House will celebrate 100 years. In the coming months, we will begin to share plans and activities that will occur from June 1, 2021 – June 30, 2022.

This will be our Diamond Anniversary celebrating
100 Years at Warren Avenue! One hundred years ago, the purchase, initial charter and dedication occurred and the first retreat was held at St. Joseph in the Hills.

We are filled with awe and gratitude for the multitude of graces bestowed upon those traveling through our campus. God has been so good to us. There have been and continue to be trials, but also so much joy, so much progress. It is amazing to think of the men and women who have been part of this storied history. So, we will honor our past, and build upon it for a wonderful future. Stay tuned and we look forward to sharing our celebratory plans.
Legacy Project: This project will entail short video recordings of 50+ year retreatants and will honor and memorialize our Jubilarians. If you are a Jubilarian or know one, please contact MRH as we begin to start recordings in the coming weeks.
Men and Women of Malvern Retreat Opportunities

Malvern Retreat House has developed a series of modified special retreats for the remainder of 2020. These retreats are open to anyone but are especially geared to Men and Women of Malvern who were not able to make a retreat this year during the pandemic. There is an option for a One Day Retreat from 9am-4pm, or a two night Retreat from 7-9 both nights. The theme of the Retreat is "In Challenging Times - Take Heart and Have Courage." Father Jim McGuinn will lead the group in this Retreat. Dates are listed below and you can register on our calendar for the Retreats. The cost is $75.
Onsite and Virtual 9a.m. - 4p.m.

September 30
October 21
November 10
December 3
Virtual Program -7p.m. - 9p.m.

October 20 and 22
November 16 and 17
December 8 and 9
Please note: All Men and Women of Malvern onsite retreats are also broadcast virtually. The list of Retreats and registration is available online.

If there was a spiritual theme for 2020 it would be surrender. As Malvern Retreat House has navigated these last six months, our staff has learned that it is important to know that we can about best practices related to health and safety and adapt our ministry to these times. But, we have also learned that we must surrender the mission and the results to God's providence. We know that many of you are also learning to surrender. The prayer from the Surrender Novena has helped us, and we hope this little prayer will also help and strengthen you!

"O Jesus, I surrender myself to you, take care of everything!"

October 18, 2020 on the grounds of Malvern Retreat House. This event is onsite at Malvern in October . We will begin at 2pm. Please gather outside of the Family Life Center. This is a wonderful way of honoring God and enjoying the beauty of Malvern Retreat House.

Visit our calendar for registration information and virtual options.
Hospitality Coordinators Needed

As Malvern Retreat House reopens, we have a need for Hospitality Coordinators. Hospitality Coordinators provide support to groups with their needs during the retreat. Full-time and part-time help is needed. Please contact Jim Hall [email protected] or 484-321-2541.
Manager for Retreat and Event Business

Responsible for booking retreats, events and programs as well as collaboratively coordinating internal staffing and scheduling in coordination with Director of Operations/Hospitality, Director of Finance, Director of Marketing, Outreach and Communications, and Director of Ministry/Rector. Serves as the key liaison to retreat rental groups. Full-time. Contact Cindy Scott-Ziminsky with resume at [email protected].
Mission Statement
"Rooted in the Catholic Faith, we provide retreats, programs and events that help people deepen their relationship with God and find peace!"