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September 11th, 2020
Years from now history books will be written about the pandemic of 2020. The impact on our families, communities and country will be documented. Children will learn how we coped and adjusted. While the science and data will drive the narrative from the secular perspective, ultimately the real story will be centered on the heroes. The everyday men and women who made a difference. In the long history of Malvern Retreat House, YOU, will be the hero of the story of how we thrived beyond the pandemic!

Your prayers and your generous donations have enabled us to do more than we could have imagined. We made it through the shutdown and have re-opened. We have expanded our virtual opportunities and can now reach many more people with at home retreats. The Malvern Forward Campaign has been launched and the response has been nothing short of a grace from God. The massive loss of revenue from cancelled retreats and limitations on capacity continue to be a serious concern. But, we can see clearly how God is leading Malvern Retreat House into the future. 

We are so incredibly grateful to all of you! In the coming weeks more Men and Women of Malvern groups will have their annual retreat. God will be worshiped and hearts will be transformed by the peace that comes with a spiritual retreat. We will welcome back student groups, host our monthly outdoor adoration and continue to offer virtual resources to all.

Thank you for making this possible. Thank you for being a hero!
Meeting the Highest Standards

Malvern Retreat House began the first phase of our re-opening in mid-July. It has been wonderful having guests back on-site and we have enjoyed re-engaging on a personal level with our traditional Men and Women of Malvern groups. 

The COVID guidelines created by the Task Force outlined specific steps to increase our sanitation of all buildings. It was critical that staff could find a way to do this in an efficient and effective manner so that we could ensure the safety of all guests as well as host as many groups as possible. That is why the purchase of the electro-static sprayer was important to keeping us on track. It is a great device that cuts cleaning time, provides much better surface sanitation, and protects staff. The sprayer is used in all rooms after each event or guest stay and then the hospitality staff finish up with another cleaning.

These decisions have allowed Malvern to welcome guests and staff back. We are confident that we are providing the highest level of safety and comfort for all guests. We are proud to be going above and beyond!
Kairos Retreats!

What a joy it has been to welcome back student Kairos groups to Malvern Retreat House. Kairos is an amazing program helping high school students solidify their relationship with God. It is an intensive few days with prayer, Mass and adoration. The students enjoy meals together and meet in small groups. The school leaders have found creative ways to modify the program so that they can comply with our COVID guidelines. This Fall we have multiple schools scheduled. Contact us if your school would like to host your Kairos or other student retreat at Malvern.

"God Speaks to a Modern Girl" is the theme for the November 8th Women's Tea beginning at 2pm. Sue Brinkmann will join us as the guest speaker. Sue will share her conversion story about how God came into her life and changed things for the good! This talk is full of humor and is inspiring. A perfect antidote for the anxiety of these times. The event will be held on November 8th, onsite at Malvern with an opportunity to join us virtually. The cost is $25 per person. Please contact Tara McCormick 610.781.7261 or [email protected] if you have questions. Online registration will be available on October 4th.

  • OUTDOOR EUCHARISTIC ADORATION AND PROCESSION on the grounds of Malvern Retreat House. This event is onsite at Malvern on September 20th. We will begin at 2pm. Please gather outside of the Family Life Center. This devotion will continue on every third Sunday of the month.

  • FIRST FRIDAY BREAKFAST: We will resume with this program on October 2nd. Each first Friday of the month, Gospel Reflection and breakfast. Everyone is welcome to come to Malvern Retreat House for Mass, discussion and breakfast. Please contact Joanne at [email protected] or 484.321.2535 if you plan to join us for Mass. Anyone who is staying for breakfast is asked to pay $10 at the door for the meal. While this event is open to everyone occupancy is limited.

  • September 18 -19: Our Lady of Peace. This is a Traditional women's retreat with a virtual option.
  • September 18-19: Santa Maria de Guadalupe. This is a women's retreat for Spanish speaking women.
  • September 21 & 23: Take Heart and Have Courage. A two night virtual program from 7-9p.m. each evening.
  • September 30: Take Heart and Have Courage. A One day in person and virtual retreat that will begin at 9a.m. and end at 4p.m.

Visit our calendar for registration information and virtual options.
Hospitality Coordinators Needed

As Malvern Retreat House reopens we have a need for hospitality coordinators. Hospitality Coordinators provide support to groups with their needs. Full-time and part-time needed. Please contact Jim Hall [email protected] or 484-321-2541.
Manager for Retreat and Event Business

Responsible for booking retreats, events and programs as well as collaboratively coordinating internal staffing and scheduling in coordination with Director of Operations/Hospitality, Director of Finance, Director of Marketing, Outreach and Communications, and Director of Ministry/Rector. Serves as the key liaison to retreat rental groups. Full-time. Contact Cindy Scott-Ziminsky with resume at [email protected].
Malvern Gives Back

The journey of a pint of life saving blood begins with you,  please consider being a donor. At the June event, 63 units were donated and helped save 183 lives! If you are healthy and well, please join us for a Blood Drive.

Date: September 22
Time: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm at the Family Life Center.

Register now:
Walk up appointments will not be accepted.
For an appointment, please visit
Or call 1-800-RED CROSS (1-800-733-2767).

Please note: Due to COVID 19 we are unable to accept walk-in donors Masks are required!
Mission Statement
"Rooted in the Catholic Faith, we provide retreats, programs and events that help people deepen their relationship with God and find peace!"