Mini Pup Alert
June 29th, 2017
THREE LITTERS WILL GO HOME SOON: STARDUST'S LITTER, PADMA'S LITTER, AND HOLLY'S LITTER. Unless someone encounters an unforeseen problem, all puppies are sold except for one, and his description follows. IF YOU HAVE PURCHASED A PUPPY FROM ONE OF THESE THREE LITTERS, please note ATTACHED Supplies for New Pup Owners and Housetraining Notes. Details regarding puppy pick-up will come soon.
This is Our ONE Pup Available:
And These are the Parents:

There is one mini-Cockapoo X pup that is AVAILABLE to a new home from Padma's litter. This puppy is a no-shed apricot and white, hazel-eyed male. I had been holding him as (my best guess) Litter Pick. Adult size about 30 lb. The Guardian describes this little boy as a party animal who loves to play! Friendly, people-and-other-pup-loving, curious and into things, bright and tail-wagging. He will be available to a new home on 8 July. For more information about Super Boy, please call.


Complete Payment is DUE at this time. CALL ME at 970 626-9747 or (if that doesn't work), try my cell number, 970 708-8030. When there are only one or two puppies available, it is so important to call and talk with me personally--and quickly. No texts or voice mails or emails, please--just too slow if you are interested in this puppy.

CAN GO TO NEW HOME ON 8 JULY--and puppy pick-up is in Grand Junction, CO

Photos are ATTACHED, including parent photos of (blue-merle) Padma and (white) Snow.


If you have questions between July 1-5 (or so), you may be able to be reach me by my cell phone number, and you are ALWAYS welcome to call. I'll be on the road, helping with puppy deliveries for new owners, photographing new litters, having dogs bred, etc., etc. NO TEXTS, and please do not leave cell-phone messages. When traveling, I do check my email, but it is hard to be as diligent in responding to your questions; it's best to call me.


Our next Pup Alert will feature:

Goberian Pups: Uhura's litter by Saint (and more info. coming soon)

Goberian Pups: Uluru's litter by Pup Charming

Mini-Bernedoodle X Pups: Confetti's litter by Ballad

Pomsky Pups: Sprite's litter by Wolf

Pomsky Pups: Sierra's litter by Ashoka

Goberian Pups: Eve's litter by UberKhan


Thank you!

Sheron and XANADU of the Rockies and Holly-Pups

Sheron Mariah Steele, PhD
Xanadu Dogs, LLC

615 Canyon Drive, Log Hill Mesa
Ridgway, CO 81432
Home Phone: 970-626-9747
Cell Phone (when traveling): 970-708-8030