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Back to School Savings!


Now that the kids are going back to school it's time to get back to the grind and your families new routine. With work, school, sports and other outside activities the months will fly by. Before you know it we will be at Thanksgiving break. That is why I want to give you and your family the opportunity to get a jump on family portraits for the holidays. I hear all the time that I wanted to have great images captured for holiday cards but the time just got away. I will do it next year. Well why put off till tomorrow what you can do today. Get a jump on your portraits and get your holiday cards ordered before life gets to busy. I have included in this email a mini session options and great updates about what has been going on with Visions By Carol Photography in the last few months! You wont want to miss out on all this wonderful information!


Rail Road Track Mini Session
simpson tracksLets get our lives back on track with cool railroad track family images! On Sunday Aug 28th & Monday Aug 29th I will be doing 30min. mini sessions in Edwardsville. You can feel free to bring whomever you want for these sessions. A chance to get the entire family, just the kids or grand kids together. You can even bring a cool chair or your own props. This session option is for a limited time and limited space available. Your $275 investment will include a disc with all your images and 24 custom designed holiday cards. Let me take care of your holiday needs.

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simpson tracks 2simpson tracks 3



Several things have been happening in the last few months. Feel free to read all the exciting news below!

Carol Johnson had an image that she captured of another photographer featured in PPA Magazine. (Professional Photographers of America) The funny part is the story behind the image! I was in Las Vegas with a few photographer friends helping them photograph a wedding. We decided to stay a few extra days and drive around Nevada to capture images for ourselves. Well I had brought along my wedding dress just for fun. Michael the gentleman in the image had me stand on a rock in the middle of a river with the mountains in the background in my dress. You should have seen the kids and families faces when I canon balled into a rive in my wedding dress! Their faces were priceless! So why I am out there Michael desides he wants a picture of himself in the water. So I sit in the river with my legs and train wrapped around a rock with the river hitting my back. Trying to get my footing so that the river does not drag me down stream. Keeping in mind I had no idea that my train would be like a big bag that the water wanted to carry away. After I get all positioned Michael starts to walk into the river. Just as I tell him to be careful and watch for the holes and not to drop his camera he goes under! UGH camera and all soaking wet. He hurrys up and tosses me his camera and I get about 3 images off before the camera goes dead! Below is one of the images that I was able to capture of this fellow Professional Photographer and friend. Every time I look at this image I cant help but smile! PS the camera survived!
barton ppa


I recently had the privilege to photograph a very special couple and their families.  The brides mom became ill and was not able to attend her daughters wedding. The entire wedding was skyped to her while she was in the hospital. The wonderful nurses helped her get ready so the family and wedding party could go to the hospital to take family photographs. Below is the cover from BJC Today featuring one of my images. Also I have attached the article that was written as they can put it into words way better then I can. It was an amazing and emotional day!
BJC Coverbjc inside
In June Carol received her last merit that she needed to earn her Masters Degree in Photography through PPA. She will be going to New Orleans this January to receiver her degree along other fellow Professional Photographers. Below is some information about this amazing achievement.

What is the Merit & Degree program?
PPA's Merit & Degree program recognizes photographers' achievements in the profession. Created in 1937, this is the oldest PPA educational program. It is run on a point system, with merits standing as points that member photographers earn for various accomplishments. Merits are earned towards the degrees. After 25 merits, the photographer is eligible for a degree, depending on the types of merits earned (whether they were speaker, exhibition, and so on).

One of the highest recognitions for speaking, writing, or mentoring on photography; positions the photographer as an authority in the industry.
Awarded in recognition of service to the profession as an orator, author, or mentor.
Master of Photography (M.Photog.)
ppa logo


Now after all that wonderful stuff happening there is one more thing. A New WEBSITE!! It will be up in running very soon. I hope everyone checks it out with excitement of the new images and look!



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