Fully-integrated linear micro positioning stage has no backlash; features low run-out, tilt and yaw.    

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New Scale News
January 2014

We hope to see you at Photonics West in San Francisco! We'll be showing off our latest innovation, the M3-LS Linear Smart Stage. This stage supports high side loads and will appeal to those of you who have been using the M3-L actuator to move your own stages. As always, our goal is to simplify your system integration.   

Like all M3 Modules, the M3-LS stage has the drive electronics built right in. You can run it directly from USB, SPI or I2C interface. You can read more or watch the video below.

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~ New product

   Ultra-compact smart stage operates directly from USB, SPI or I2C 

Fully-integrated linear micro positioning stage enables precise and repeatable positioning of optics, probes, sensors and more


M3-LS Linear Smart Stage
M3-LS Linear Smart Stage has integrated drive electronics for smallest size, fast and simple system integration.
The M3-LS Linear Smart Stage is the latest addition to the M3 micro-mechatronic smart module family. The miniature 28 x 20 x 9.5 mm USB stage offers: 

  • 0.5 �m resolution
  • Less than 10 �m run-out
  • Less than 1 mrad pitch and yaw
  • 6 mm travel range
  • Low power use (3.3 V DC, 500 mW when moving)   

All electronics are completely integrated in the tiny stage housing, making system integration simple and fast. No external control board is needed. Input to the stage is simple high-level motion commands via USB, using New Scale's Pathway™ PC software. Control multiple stages from a single screen, and use the powerful script generator to create command sequences for automated operations.  


VIDEO of M3-LS Smart Stage
VIEW THE VIDEO of the M3-LS Linear Smart Stage in action

The stage can also be driven directly from a system processor via I2C or SPI standard serial interface.


The New Scale M3-LS Smart Stage provides significant advancements in features and performance over the company's M3-L Smart Actuator introduced in 2010. An actuator, intended for pushing and pulling axial loads, does not tolerate side forces. In contrast, this new ultra-compact stage supports side loads of up to 20 grams without loss of precision or speed. No separate bearing or guide mechanism is required.



The 6 mm travel stage requires only 3.3 V DC input and uses just 500 mW (when moving), which can be supplied by standard batteries, USB or other common power source. No power is required for the motor to hold position, and the integrated electronics can be switched to sleep mode for extreme low-power applications.


The M3-LS Linear Smart Stage is ideal for use in hand-held or portable OEM instruments for high-resolution RF tuning, precision photonics, laser beam targeting, UAV/UGV controls, miniature cameras, metrology, biomedical automation and more.

Learn more:


~ Video broadcast 
   Photos from half a mile away? Supercamera makes it possible
WNCN video of Duke Aqueti camera
Watch the video on WNCN.com

WNCN TV in Durham NC aired a segment in November about Duke and Aqueti's supercamera, which uses custom M3-L Smart Modules.

This "What's Next" segment presents a camera that "blows away your smart phone or your long-lens fisheye... and could change the way we view photography." The  250-megapixel qG camera from Duke University and Aqueti can capture a panoramic shot from a half a mile away, which can be zoomed 10 to 20 times to reveal "crystal clear" details without pixilation.

The camera integrates 34 micro-cameras, each focused by a custom New Scale M3-L smart module. See Aqueti's Scott McCain assemble the camera and show off the stunning results.   



~ See us at Photonics West

Photonics West
February 4-6, 2014
San Francisco, CA USA
South Hall | Booth #516

Come see the new M3-LS Linear Smart Stage, and ask us how we can help solve your micro positioning challenges.

For conference programs, exhibit information and registration visit http://spie.org/x23685.xml.



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