The Board will provide ongoing updates on our transition process through email, and we have created a space on our website for transition resources which you can find here!
Interim Minister Update
We are pleased to report exciting news! We have matched with our top Interim Minister candidate! Once we have finalized a ministerial agreement and communication plan together, we will share our interim minister’s name with the Congregation. The Search Committee is in the process of finalizing these details, and barring any unforeseen issues, we hope to introduce the minister to the Congregation in the next few days. 
We are very excited to welcome our Interim Minister to UTUUC!!
Farewell Celebrations for Rev. Taylor
We hope you can join some or all of these events!! Please reach out to with questions. Please be mindful of COVID protocols, which may be different for each venue. In addition, while many participants may be fully vaccinated, we should assume that many are not, and act to protect those most vulnerable. 
Sunday, May 30, 9am-11:30am
Meet and greet for coffee and watching Sunday Service at FitzGerald's in Berwyn (6615 Roosevelt Rd); BabyGold BBQ lunch available for purchase after 11:30am by individual reservation; space is limited to 120 people and RSVP here is required.
Sunday, June 6, noon-1:30pm
Meet on the lawn at First United Church (848 Lake St) for an opportunity to say hello in person to each other and Alan (Shhhh-it’s Alan’s birthday)
Sunday, June 13, noon-1:30pm
Meet on the lawn at First United for an opportunity to come together after Alan’s last Sunday in the Unity Temple pulpit and be with him and his family.
Saturday, June 26, 2pm-6pm
Celebration at the Nineteenth Century Club (178 Forest Ave) for food, music and speakers to celebrate Alan’s 18 years of service. Required RSVP here.
Sunday, June 27, 9am-noon Join your friends and fellow congregants outside Unity Temple on Kenilworth Avenue for Alan’s last Sunday with Unity Temple as he turns over the keys. Please RSVP here.
Our staff have worked diligently to create and update our website!! It is full of useful information for our congregation! Please make a habit of visiting it regularly at for all the latest UTUUC information. 
Building Re-opening
The Community Transformation Team continues to work on a comprehensive Phased Re-Opening Plan. Plans are in the works to start in-person activities with small group meetings over the summer. In the meantime, information will be shared in the eBeacon about how to register for small group meetings with Rev. Alan Taylor beginning May 27. Check the Unity Temple website under the Phased Re-Opening tab for more information and updates.

Together in our hearts,
Your UTUUC Board of Trustees
Ed McDevitt, President
Julie Willoughby, Vice President
Kimberly Brumirski
Aisha Ellis
Amanda Kaleta-Kott
Stephanie Kiesling
Stephen Lee, Secretary
Alice Ocrey
Rich Pokorny