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February 2019
If I think that the best way to minister to a community is, first of all, one on one - befriend people and share your life with them; and second of all, find a way to serve them. Our goal is to ever find ways to serve individuals in our community. We endeavor to do this in various ways.

The Christian cartoon series Superbook is shown daily on one of our national TV channels, and well known by many children making it a great evangelistic tool. Since our church is well connected with the Director of CBN here in Zagreb, she was able to provide us with an episode not yet aired on TV along with a guest visit with Gizmo. The third Saturday in January a large crowd of children along with their parents arrived at our facility at 11:00am to enjoy a “Saturday morning cartoon” along with games and fun with Gizmo. It was a wonderful way to share the Gospel and display God’s love to the community around us. 
A few months ago Mario met a group of businessmen from Brazil who’s goal is to aid Christian businessmen in witnessing to their colleagues. They organize dinners for businessmen in a nice hotel and provide an atmosphere in which successful businessmen are able to share their faith with others. Since Mario is well connected with the Christian businessmen in Zagreb and throughout Croatia, they asked for his assistance in gathering them for an informational meeting in January. Their goal is to host their first dinner during the first weeks of March. A couple of unsaved businessmen also attended the informational meeting and accepted Christ for the first time in their lives during that meeting which was a confirmation to us that this connection with the Brazilian organization was set up by almighty God himself!
In February we have a conference set up for dads. Ap and Anita Verwaijen from the Netherlands, who spoke for us at our marriage seminar last year, will be visiting us again this year and speaking to fathers. Croatian fathers in general have a history of being absent- if not physically most defiant emotionally. Most of the fathers in our church have been abused in some form by their fathers, and although they are new creations in Christ, need help learning how to become a father to their own children. This conference is also open to other churches and the community in general. 
OUR FAMILY... doing well. Bonnie and the children are back to school after the Christmas holidays, and are busy with all the activities in which they are involved. As of yesterday Bonnie’s band competed recording three more songs in English and Croatian and now have 5 recorded all together. They plan to record 7 more and release a full album. Their goal is to, God willing, complete recording by the end of 2019 and are currently working with a Christian radio station in Portland, OR on getting one or more of their songs on Christian radio in the US. You can listen to one of the songs they just competed here:
Croatian Evangelistic Outreach