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ministriesuniteMinistries Unite to Mobilize 100 Million Christians for Outreach

Global Outreach Day International Director Beat Baumann casts vision for Miracle in May 2020. (Photo credit: Barbara Bach)
In an unprecedented move of unity, multiple member denominations, church networks and para church ministries in the Pentecostal Charismatic Churches of North America (PCCNA) have partnered with Global Outreach Day to mobilize 100 million Christians to reach lost people for Christ. Branding their outreach as Miracle in May 2020 , PCCNA churches and ministries have committed to a three-year prayer, care, share lifestyle in anticipation of sharing their faith with unbelievers.

Global Outreach Day, a growing worldwide evangelistic effort, focuses on sharing Christ the final Saturday of May each year. PCCNA has expanded that vision to include the entire month of May, which will provide pastors and leaders three-year's lead time to train and equip congregants for one-on-one witnessing. Participating ministries may access tools for evangelism online at Global

Jeff Farmer, president of PCCNA and a former denominational leader, noted: "Denominations need time to integrate vision into their corporate cultures before they can act. In addition, a single day is not realistic for many pastors and congregants. Give them an entire month, however, and they will find a way to do something majestic for Jesus."

PCCNA is building toward May 2020 by giving each year a different emphasis: 2018 Year of Prayer; 2019 Year of Care; 2020 Year to Share. Farmer added, "Miracle in May 2020 is an appointment with destiny for the least, the last, and the lost."

International Pentecostal Holiness Church General Superintendent Doug Beacham said, " We know that as a movement we need a toolkit to equip our members for evangelism. We're making Global Outreach Day a major emphasis by promoting this through our evangelism and world missions ministries." IPHC has 1,700 churches in the USA.

Tim Coalter, General Presbyter of North America Ministries for the Church of God of Prophecy noted that Jesus has called each of us to be fishers of men. "Global Outreach Day is our opportunity to put a rod and reel in the hands of every man, woman, boy and girl," said Coalter.

So far the following ministries have indicated they are joining the Miracle in May 2020 outreach.

In the U.S.: Assemblies of God USA, Awakening America Alliance, Church of God of Prophecy, CMI Global, Fellowship of Christian Assemblies, International Pentecostal Holiness Church, International Pentecostal Church of Christ, Institute for Bible Reading, Ministry Training, Open Bible Churches, Pentecostal Freewill Baptist, Rising Sun Outreach Ministries, The Foursquare Church, The United Holy Church of America, United Pentecostal Council of the Assemblies of God, The Fellowship Network, Wailing Women Worldwide, and West Irving Church of God in Christ.

In Canada: Coastal Church, Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada, Open Bible Faith Fellowship and Windsor Christian Fellowship.

In Mexico: Grupo Unidad. For more information about Miracle in May 2020 visit
MeetingBreaksRecords2018 PCCNA Meeting Breaks Attendance Records
Bishop Dennis Ball of United Holy Church of America prays for Rev. Paul McPhail, General Secretary of Independent Assemblies of God International in Canada. (Photo credit: Barbara Bach)

The theme of the 24th annual meeting of the  Pentecostal/Charismatic Churches of North America was 2018: Year of Prayer. With 152 people registered, 23 different denominations and church networks were represented, as well as 11 para church organizations, and multiple local congregations.   

Keynote speakers included Percy McCray of Cancer Treatment Centers of America, "Stay in Your Lane," and Mark Dreistadt of Infinity Concepts, "Breaking Through the Noise." Others to address the group included Caleb Brown of Ministry Training, "Phenomenal Recent Baptisms in the Holy Spirit," and Gerard Long of Awakening to God Ministries, "Love Conquers Loss." 

Twelve sponsors made the meeting possible: Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Infinity Concepts, Pure Flix, International Christian Assembly Jerusalem, Empowered 21, Israel Advantage Tours, Prolific Business Solutions, Logos Bible Software, Global Outreach Day, The Center for Holy Land Studies, Intentional Marriage, and PCCNA is grateful for the partnership of these ministries.  

Half of the participants arrived early for commission meetings. Six different commissions met on Wednesday, February 21: Christian Unity, Communications & Media, Discipleship, Prayer, Race Relations, and Women in Ministry. Each commission represents kingdom collaboration across multiple movements, centered on areas of ministry calling and passion. Commission chairpersons gave reports to the conference on Friday morning.

A new commission focused on church health was approved by the Executive Committee and the Board of Administration. The commission will be led by Alton Garrison, assistant superintendent of the Assemblies of God USA.
NewMembersPCCNA Welcomes Six New Members
(From left to right holding certificates) Jason McMullen, Charisma Media; Mark Dreistadt, Infinity Concepts; Allison and Vince Hungate, Intentional Marriage; Jeannie and Gerard Long, Awakening to God Ministries and Dr. David Cole and Charles Scott, The King's University. Not pictured: Ossie Mills from Empowered21. Welcoming the new members (From left to right) Sterling Brackett, secretary; Jeff Farmer, president and David Wells, treasurer. (Photo credit: Barbara Bach)
Jeff & Ramona Farmer
" But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends
of the earth."   Acts 1:8 (NIV) 
Jeff Farmer, President

Pentecostal/Charismatic Churches of North America 

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YearofPrayerMiracle in May 2020: 2018 Designated as Year of Prayer

The scandal of believers not sharing their faith is eliminated with a "Prayer, Care, Share" lifestyle. Miracle in May 2020 begins this year with Spirit-empowered denominations, networks, and churches engaging believers in HARVEST praying. 

The PCCNA Prayer Commission is spearheading this year of prayer. "The Holy Spirit is aroused by harvest praying for lost people," says Doug Small, commission chairman. "In answer to focused harvest prayer, He creates an opportunity for you to show loving care, which in turn will open a door to share Christ's love and the plan of salvation." 

The PCCNA Prayer Commission is hosting "Pray, Pentecostals, Pray!" on May 4-5 in Falcon, NC at a joint prayer service. Church of God of Prophecy, The Fellowship Network, Assemblies of God, Church of God, International Pentecostal Holiness Church and Pentecostal Freewill Baptist Church are participating so far. For more information about how you can get involved in the Year of Prayer, go online to
MiracleInvasionReleasedMiracle Invasion Released in New Orleans
  "Miracle Invasion," a Pentecostal primer on the gifts of the Spirit, was released at the 2018 PCCNA meeting in New Orleans. Written by award-winning author Dean Merrill and published by BroadStreet, "Miracle Invasion" is a collection of 40 true, supernatural stories documenting the operation of the twelve gifts of the Spirit in our day and on our continent. Early sales of the book were brisk, with the first printing of 5,000 copies sold immediately after the release.

PCCNA President Jeff Farmer was instrumental in spearheading the publishing project with Merrill.  He said, " Miracle Invasion is an urgent call to Spirit-empowered followers to Jesus to 'fan into flame the gift of God.' We are called to be the Levitical priests of our day, whose assignment from the Lord in the Old Testament was to be 'keepers of the flame.'"

The book is available on, and Bulk orders are available through PCCNA.
prayerwalknolaCommission Prayer Walks the French Quarter, Meets With Ministry Leaders
By John Maempa, Recording Secretary, PCCNA Prayer Commission
prayer commission in new orleans
Prayer Commission Chairman leads a prayer walk in the French Quarter of New Orleans.

Mid-morning on February 20, members of the Prayer Commission boarded a couple of vans and made their way to prayer walk New Orleans' famed French Quarter. Doug Small, Commission Chairperson, stated early on, "We cannot meet in New Orleans without taking time to pray for the city."

Arriving in the Quarter, they were met by prayer walk coordinator, Ben Comer of Giving Hope, New Orleans, and member of Saints Community Church pastored by Wayne and Kristi Northrup. After introductions of Commission members and New Orleans ministry leaders, Commission members were divided into teams of three or four and joined with ministry leaders. 

A prayer guide was distributed to each person listing issues such as homelessness, human trafficking, domestic violence, hunger and poverty, gambling, substance abuse, crime, witchcraft and voodoo, and tarot card readers. Targeted prayers were listed on the back of the sheet. Clearly, the needs and challenges in the Quarter and across New Orleans are monumental. With this information in hand, they began their prayer walk.

Walking only a short distance, evidence of the challenges became readily apparent.   Read more.
ReformationAnniversaryPCCNA Commemorates 1517 Reformation Anniversary
In a unique act of celebration commemorating the 500th anniversary of the launch of the Protestant Reformation (1517), PCCNA will plant a tree in the Luther Garden in Germany on behalf of Pentecostals worldwide. Other Christian organizations are planting trees as well. 

To observe the same in the USA, PCCNA has begun the process of identifying a site in Memphis, TN where another tree will be planted to both commemorate the Reformation and the 25th anniversary of the Memphis Miracle...the founding of PCCNA.
PCCNA Announces 2019 Meeting
Mark your calendars now! PCCNA will hold it's 2019 meeting in Memphis, Tennessee on March 20-March 23. The site has been chosen to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Memphis Miracle.

The 2019 meeting will include a special service to commemorate the Memphis Miracle when the Lord broke walls down between White and African American Pentecostals.
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