Ministry Needs
June 2018
Still Waters is a multi-faceted Resource Center that serves Kaufman County.  One of our areas of ministry is helping the modern-day widow and orphan through our teen/young parent programs:  Chosen, Thrive and Ignite. 

Participants meet every Monday night during the school year.  FREE dinner, child care and life skills workshops are provided.  Short-term and long-term goals are made and a personal mentor is provided to each participant to help them meet their goals.

Participants who complete Chosen:
  • 100% graduate high school/receive a GED
  • >40% go to college
  • <3% have a repeat pregnancy
These programs are not only changing lives, but also breaking generational cycles of teen pregnancy and high school drop out.  It's because of ministry friends / partners like YOU who make these life changes possible.  Thank you!

If you don't know, it cost $9,400/month to operate Still Waters.  We have many needs within the ministry and are asking for your help.  If you or someone you know can donate any of our current needs listed below, we would be extremely grateful.


Forever Postage Stamps
$10 Brookshire's Gas Cards
Similac Pro Sensitive
Similac Sensitive (orange)
Enfamil AR Formula (gold lid)
EleCare by Abbott (white)
Enfamil Reguline
Parents Choice TOTAL COMFORT
Amazon will donate 0.5% of all eligible purchases back to Still Waters.   To shop Amazon and support Still Waters, click here!





Still Waters is a 501(c)3, faith-based Resource Center serving youth, adults and the community in the areas of Abstinence/Character Development Education, Crisis Pregnancy Intervention & Abortion/Sexual Abuse Recovery in order to promote family and personal integrity.


We are funded by private donations from friends like you.  All donations are tax deductible.  To make a tax-exempt, on-line donation now, please click here!



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