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Ministry News                                                                    April 2017

We are excited to announce a big change in our effort to reach individuals in the community who need our services and don't even know we exist. We are simplifying our business name to use Christian Adoption Services . We hope the word adoption in our name will help people find us, know what we do, and still immediately see that Christ is first in our mission! We will share our website, new logo, and more in the coming months.
Kasy's Story
I was placed in my adoptive family through CFLS when I was only a few days old. Growing up, my parents were very open with me about the situation and I felt comfortable asking questions about my adoption and my birth family.They always stressed the fact that my birth parents cared a lot about me and that they felt blessed to have me in the family. As I've grown up and entered adulthood, I've thought a lot more about what went into my being placed for adoption. I was adopted very early in life, so I had a childlike understanding of the situation from start. Over time, though,  I've come to appreciate how difficult the decision must have been for my birth parents... Link to Full Article
Upcoming Events

Saturday, April 22, 3:30-5pm at Cycle Bar in West Fargo. Support Adoption Education and get fit! Limited space available & sponsorships encouraged. Prizes for cyclists with most $ raised and cycle class prizes.

April 22 | 7am-1pm
Veterans Memorial Arena, West Fargo
We are selling items and if you would like to donate items 
that we can sell, stop by the office between 8am-5pm April 17- 20

Hosted by our agency at FM Area Foundation
Fridays: May 19th, June 16th, July 21st | 6:30pm-7:30pm
Please share with birth moms from any agency!

Sponsored by ND Post Adopt Network 
with collaboration of Christian Adoption Services
July 21-23 in Epping, ND

Sponsored by Bellis (formerly Adoption Option Council of MN)
Connect with other adoptive parents, birth parents, and adopted persons
April 23rd, 2017 | 6:00 pm - 8 pm in  St. Paul, MN
Wishlist/Prayer Requests

~Window repair/replacement in social workers' offices. Help us open our windows!
~$75  Sponsor a class: Adoption Education
~$300/$550 Rebranding print costs of business cards and literature.
~Office supplies: printer toner, trash bags, coffee. Shop our wishlist at
~ Devotional book for gifting to Birth Moms.
Resource Links

Positive Adoption Language Brochure
My Perspective on Hope    
By Samantha Cossette
"Now I believe birth mothers are 
some of the strongest people in the world."   
I was recently introduced to CFLS in my
volunteer work where I learned quickly that
adoption is not what I've learned from outside
opinions. I had the opportunity to listen to
Hope's story, a birth mother who placed her
daughter for adoption about thirteen years
ago. Hope's story truly opened my eyes to a
birth mother's perspective which many people
do not get the pleasure to experience. Before I
was educated on what birth parents
experience during the process of choosing
adoption, I can regretfully admit that I did not
have as much empathy for you as I do now. We hear the negative adoption language as well which plays a role in guiding our views on it...
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