Knowing Ourselves

Rev. Joshua Patty
Regional Minister and President

I am a strong advocate for parental and family medical leave policies, as our search committees can attest. Partially, this is because I believe such leaves are vital ways we support our ministers; partially, I know how challenging it can be for ministers in search to advocate for such things, especially if they are single, female, or both.

In the coming months, I hope that our region will lead by example, as I will adjust my work while on paternity leave. Our region has an employee handbook, which includes details for parental leave. In consultation with our Operations Council, we have adapted those policies.

When our baby is born, I will take two-weeks of leave. After than, I will have six weeks of roughly half-time work. I plan not to travel during July and then to have a limited travel radius, with far fewer travel days, through Labor Day.

Officially this time away and then part-time schedule is supported by three weeks of paternity leave and two weeks of personal vacation time. Personally, it should offer some space and time to focus more my family as we bound with our newest member. As regional minister, it should allow me that time without building a massive pile of work while I am on leave or with a huge stack of things to do if our baby arrives earlier than expected.

In upcoming newsletters, we will share details about what responsibilities will be handled by others, especially during the two weeks of full-time leave, and things I will focus upon during my part-time schedule. I appreciate your prayers, your support, and your patience.

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