Lansing, Detroit and beyond!
We finally have plans for moving forward; transitions abound.
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In June we sent out our first postal mailing since our return...

Karolein outside the Post Office with letters ready to mail to you!

Lucie stamping over 300 letters (with help!)


Micah, 2 and a half, didn't help too much with the mailing, but we thought you might like to see how he's grown....

If you are not on the postal mailing list, click here to contact me with your mailing address.  I will email you a copy of the letter right away.
Hello and Happy Summer!
Thank you for your continued interest!  We feel God is really pulling things together for our future in serving the Hispanic communities in Michigan.  After our time of research and waiting on the Lord Isaiah 40:31, we give witness that He is able to do more than we can ask for or even imagine Ephesians 3:20

Read below for some exciting news and consider how you might be a part of this exciting movement:  
  • Do you feel as though you are being called upon to pray for this mission? 
  • Do you have the desire to support us financially?
  • Do you have an idea or a suggestion? 
  • Do you know someone with whom we should be in contact? 
We are all in this together; what a profound truth.

"Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms." (1 Peter 4:10)  
What do Detroit and Lansing have in common?
God already has a non-profit organization set in place to serve Hispanic people in Michigan!
Recently Pastor Greg Lorenz, who was serving a Hispanic congregation in Detroit called Pan de Vida, accepted a call to Texas.  He contacted us with the prospect of helping Detroit's ministry.

It was already clear to us that God was sending us to the north of Lansing (Fowler/St. Johns area) but we were willing and excited to meet with the leadership of the Michigan District and Pastor Lorenz to see what God's bigger plans might be.

The result of that meeting, and others that followed, have led to Sam being appointed the new Executive Director of LATINO Mission Society (Lutheran Action Team In Native Outreach).

Now we are busy forming a Board of Directors and a Prayer Team, organizing the papers and documents, and serving the people of Pan de Vida in Detroit.  Sunday, July 6th was their first Sunday without Pastor Lorenz, we helped them continue to worship by leading in prayers, preaching and music.

They will have regular Sunday help from a local Spanish-speaking Lutheran Pastor until we are able to help the congregation figure out their next steps. 

Please pray for the people of Pan de Vida, and for Sam as he leads them forward.
Lansing plans the Lord allows James 4:14-15
In addition to LATINO and assisting Detroit's congregation, we are proceeding with plans to relocate to Fowler/St. Johns in order to live and serve the Hispanic people there. 

In August we will make the big move, so we will update more about that next month.  Otherwise it's just too much information at once! 

Please pray for smooth transitions, safety, patience and for provisions to be made for the extra costs.
Visiting congregations will be an exciting part of continuing ministry

On Sunday, June 29th, we visited Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Warren,  Michigan. 

This is the church where Brooke's dad accepted his first call to be Pastor when she was a junior in High School. (Brooke with the picture of her dad at Holy Cross on June 29th)

This is also the church where we were married 17 years ago this month! 

It was wonderful to see our church family there and spend time with them in Bible Study and worship.

We look forward to growing the relationship God has given us with each church.  We plan on visiting congregations more often, now that we are back. 

We pray new relationships begin as a part of God's plan to reach Hispanics in the whole State of Michigan.

We love being in this together!  The amount of encouragement we receive when we visit a church is tremendous.  We pray that God uses us to bless and encourage you on your own missionary journey, as well. 

If we have not visited your church, respond to this email and put us in touch with your Pastor so we can explore the possibilities with him.  
Continue on the giving journey or join us!
Supporting this mission is worth your donations and prayers.
Perhaps you have heard us say (even many times in this email alone) that we are a team.  We cannot do this without you.

We continue in ministry only as you support us.  Please consider supporting us in prayer and finances.

Your prayers are honored by our gracious God through Jesus Christ as He guides and directs us, protects us, and opens doors of opportunity to spread His Word!
These things are His will; please take a moment to pray right now for this ministry.  God promises to work through your prayers. 1 John 5:14-15                                                                           
Below is an interesting article by Brooke's brother, Justin, about giving.  It is written specifically to his congregation, however, it sheds light on different styles of generosity that you can apply to any opportunity you have to give.

Thank you for your continued support.

Peace is yours in Jesus,
The Orozco Family: Samuel, Brooke, Lucie, Karolein and Micah.