Friends of Nazareth,

As I type these words I'm sitting in a busy airport terminal trying to catch my breath! These are busy days and they will only get busier. Please join us in prayer for God's strength. He is able! 

In my Chronological Bible reading plan I'm currently reading in the Book of Numbers. I love this book and I marvel at the provision and purpose of God that is seen. I also shake my head at the disbelief of the people. Paul would later remind us that ' it was written for our we would gain hope'. 

As I sit here I also think of some other 'numbers' as they relate to the Friends of Nazareth schedule, let me review with you some very important 'numbers'.

  1. 800- this is the total number of children/students we are expecting at our VBS/Day Camp and Potter's Wheel Overnight retreats. Amazing! 800 scholarships are needed. UPDATE! Thanks to a generous donor who has agreed to match 400 scholarships...we need 400 scholarships! Camp scholarships are $125 each. You can donate at Scholarships need to arrive at the FON office by May 31st.
  2. $475,000 is the amount that we need for the Earthquake remediation initiative. To date we have received over $200,000! We expect NBS to provide about $175,000 in local donations and in-kind labor. FON's goal is to raise an additional $100,000 before June 30th. Now, for another amazing UPDATE! Thanks to a donor who wants to see this project completed for the sake of the students and teachers who are at risk, an up to $50,000 matching gift will be made for every dollar that you give toward the Remediation Project between now and June 30th. This is doable! You can donate at:
  3. 12 team members from New Vision Church, Murfreesboro, TN will be ministering at NBS and to mothers and grandmothers from March 20-25. This is the inaugural year for this outreach. Pray that it goes so well that it will become an annual outreach.
  4. Please pray for the 20 volunteers that will be involved in a Renovation Project in April and May. They are tasked to rebuild the stage, skim coat walls, paint and tile the floors in the Chapel. It's an ambitious assignment. As time permits, they will tile floors at the Primary School. Will you pray that this team can accomplish their very bold task in a short time frame? God is able!
  5. The last number is 1. We at Friends of Nazareth have 1 real purpose, to honor our Lord by "Building the rising generations, glorifying Jesus Christ through distinctive Christian Education"

FON is not driven by numbers, we are driven by a purpose and a passion. However, each of these NUMBERS represent a child or student Jesus loves and died for...and we want to reach them...for Him. Your prayers and support allow this to happen.


Dr Roger D. Mardis, President 
Friends of Nazareth