Ministry of Labour - COVID-19 Unpaid Vaccination Leave, Input to Paid Vaccination Leave (Apr 7)
Dear Accommodation Community,

The update highlights the changes to the Employment Standards Regulation to provide unpaid vaccination leave for workers. The government is also considering the possibility of paid vaccination leave and requests input on this by Wednesday, April 7, 2021. Input can be sent to Deputy Minister, Trevor Hughes, or ADM Danine Leduc
A couple of points for consideration:
  • Employers can play a leadership role in encouraging their workers to get vaccinated. Vaccine benefits us all and an essential element to recovery.
  • An employer may, in some circumstances, implement policies that require vaccination as a condition of continued employment. In order to be lawful, such a policy must be, reasonably necessary, rationally connected to the workplace. Employers should seek legal advice if considering such a policy. It is not an easy option to realize, can be challenged and this is only relevant when vaccine is fully accessible to all residents.
  • If vaccination corporate policy, privacy legislation limits an employer to require workers show proof of vaccination. Workers can be asked to show proof of a vaccination appointment for the period they request leave.
  • Vaccination appointments are accessible - available 7 days week during extended hours.
  • Paid vaccination leave will add additional burden on many businesses already under extreme financial strain, even more so with Monday’s PHOs.
Your voice is important. As always, please reach out as needed, we are to support the industry during this evolving environment.

Stay Safe,
Ingrid Jarrett
BCHA President & CEO