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Minneapolis Regional Chamber announces new look, brand
The announcement, made at the 2018 Annual Meeting, launches
the Chamber into a new era
MINNEAPOLIS/ST. PAUL — The Minneapolis Regional Chamber announced Friday during the 2018 Annual Meeting that it would be implementing a new look and brand that will govern the work it does for its members and the region.

To begin its new era the Minneapolis Regional Chamber created two new logos, which were debuted at the Annual Meeting. The first logo, which features an M composed of green and a variation of blue colors with the word “Chamber” below, is designed to demonstrate the inclusivity that the Chamber strives to create. The second logo also includes the M, however it has the words “MPLS Regional Chamber” on the side instead of below as well as the three different regions. The new logos do away with writing out the full names of the chambers as well as the star, both of which were prominent features for many years. All three chambers for the region, the Minneapolis, Bloomington and Northeast Regional Chambers, now use the same logos and color scheme. To distinguish which Chamber the logos are representing, the name of the specific Chamber is bolded at the bottom of each individual logo. These new logos helps to provide uniformity and consistency between the three chambers that work together to improve the state, while also allowing them to maintain their individual identities. You can find the new logos here.

The Minneapolis Regional Chamber also strives to take a bold new approach to its work beginning this new year. It will focus on issues that matter to the region’s success such as workforce development, education, transit and housing. While the Minneapolis Regional Chamber has previously worked in these areas, it is shifting its focus to advocating the importance of these matters so as to build a high-quality, globally competitive and thriving region where businesses flourish, and everyone has the opportunity to succeed.

“We believe that the region thrives when we all work together to build strong communities and partnerships, which includes ensuring access and opportunity for everyone. We plan to achieve this by advocating at City Hall, the County Board, the State Capitol and in Washington, D.C. on major issues that impact our region. This new vision will help us achieve our goal of bringing people together to improve our economy and the quality of life. We feel like the new logo encapsulates this and helps to bring us together with the other chambers in our region. ” said Jonathan Weinhagen, president and CEO of the Minneapolis Regional Chamber.

The Chamber will also be going by a new name. Instead of being called the Minneapolis Regional Chamber of Commerce, it will now be known as the Minneapolis Regional Chamber. This new look and brand will catapult the Chamber into a new era that is focused on building a climate that fosters continued and future success in and for the region.

The Minneapolis Regional Chamber of Commerce is the largest and most diverse local business association in the region. Founded in 1881, the Minneapolis Regional Chamber today includes more than 1,300 companies.

We are the region’s leading advocate to improve our economy and quality of life. We bring people and organizations together around issues that matter to our economic competitiveness, including workforce development, education, transit and housing. Through a unified voice, we convey the needs and priorities of our region to decision makers and urge action to constantly improve our standing.