March 2020
Spring Quarterly Program
Active Aging: Discover What’s Next for You 
with Keynote Speaker, Joy Loverde

 Thursday, April 30, 2020
6:00 PM in Edina 

Joy Loverde, a TTN Chicago member, is a national aging expert and best-selling author of,  Who Will Take Care of Me When I’m Old?  and   The Complete Eldercare Planner . Joy will share smart strategies for living your best life now and in the future. Learn about the significance of the longevity revolution and aging well, along with key issues to consider, how to plan ahead and more! Highlights of the discussion will include:

  • Obstacles to Aging in Place
  • Preparing for Solo Aging 
  • Essential Questions to Ask
  • Power of Self-Talk

Joy will reveal clear, practical, and relevant suggestions for you to build your own unique life plan for aging well.

Testimonials about Joy’s Keynote:
The seminar was superb! Best one I've been to National Institutes of Health

Your talk was by far the highlight of our event. 
Center for Healthy Aging, University of California-San Diego
You combined meaningful data with compelling stories about real people, including
yourself. You were the iron hand in a velvet glove. It was masterful. 
Judith Kurnick, Life Coach, TTN Philadelphia Member .

All attendees will receive an autographed copy of Joy’s book,   Who Will Take Care of Me When I’m Old?  and her Active Aging Worksheet .

More about Joy Loverde
Joy Loverde, a TTN Chicago member, is a national aging expert and best-selling author with over 30 years’ experience as a media spokesperson. Joy’s appearances include the TODAY Show, Good Morning America, CBS Early Show, ABC News, Fox News, National Public Radio, Sirius XM and others.

During her career, she has been quoted in the  Wall Street Journal, TIME, Money, New York Times, U.S. News & World Report, Reuters, Reader’s Digest, Family Circle, Psychology Today, Good Housekeeping , among others.  USA TODAY  ran a four-part series on Joy’s eldercare programs.

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If you have questions, please email Jill at:   j


Winter Quarterly Program
“Home Sweet Home”:  Housing, Downsizing, Decluttering

Twenty-one women attended the winter quarterly program and learned valuable information from Della Johnson, TTN member and realtor, and Laurie Wrobel, Senior Move Manager and owner of Clutter 911. 

Della discussed the importance of planning in advance for housing. She also provided resources to help make the process easier. There are many housing options and the decision-making process is a very personal one. If one wants to age in place, there are options for obtaining assistance and making modifications to one’s home. Moving does not necessary result in a lower cost home. Della suggested we consider a realtor with a Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES) designation as they have received specialized training in working with clients who are over age 55. Della can be contacted at

Laurie helped us think about all the types of “stuff” we have and how to declutter. She recommended we start early on the decluttering process as it can easily take six months to complete. She had ideas for how to tackle each of the items including clothes, books, china, collectibles, pictures, etc. Her presentation was entertaining and informative. Laurie’s website is

Thanks to Della and Laurie for sharing their time and expertise with us. Thanks to Terri and Jean for organizing the treats.

Do you have something you want to share with TTN MSP members? If so, please forward to Jill and Cyndy for inclusion in future newsletter at  and .
Virtual Symposium on “Transitioning into Retirement”
-   Submitted by Cyndy Nelson

I wanted to make you aware of an upcoming free virtual symposium titled “Transitioning into Retirement”. The symposium is organized by Marianne Oehser and dates for this year’s event are March 10-12. I participated in a previous offering of this event and found the speakers and topics that year to be informative and engaging. The symposium consists of 12 speakers over three days. It is a virtual event and you can listen to as many sessions as you are interested in. More information is available at .

Co-housing in the Twin Cities
-   Submitted by Jean Forrey

After attending the quarterly event on housing, I found the following information about a group exploring co-housing in the Twin Cities.

Time definitely MARCHes on (pun intended). I always look forward to celebrating the Spring Equinox and feel energized by it. Peer groups are great energizers and a way to connect with other TTN members to explore and discuss the transitions we are experiencing at this point in our lives. Currently, there are daytime peer groups in the east and west metro area and an evening east metro group. New members to existing peer groups are always welcome. We continue to explore opportunities to expand peer groups either geographically or by topic. Examples of topics could be work/life balance; accountability groups to get meaningful things we identify done, or health and well-being. Let me know your ideas or any questions you may have. I hope to hear from you. Please contact me,
Barbara O’Sullivan at .

Transition Peer Groups
Submitted by Sylvia Mohn

The group met on February 13 to learn about and create Vision Boards; the meeting was led by Barbara O’Sullivan. One benefit of a vision board is that seeing images and words helps to make your goals tangible and give you a focus. There are different approaches to creating vision boards. One is intentional, focusing on concepts and finding words and images to support them. Another is intuitive, just grabbing what strikes you and seeing if a theme develops. 

Barb also asked us to think of one to five words that embody 2020 for us, or goals. We went around the room sharing our thoughts.

Members enjoyed creating the vision boards and utilized a wide variety of approaches in creating. They also had a variety of thoughts about their goals for 2020. It was good to be able to share them with the group. At the end of our meeting we displayed our boards and explained our thought processes in creating them.

Next meeting:   Thursday, March 12 , 10:15 AM–12:15 PM, at Merriam Park Library. Topic: Resilience, led by Pam.

Note about location:  Due to tax season the Highland Library is unavailable until May.

Please contact Eleni Skevas at  if you are interested in joining this group. 

Submitted by Barbara O’Sullivan

The Living with Purpose Transition Peer Group's February meeting focused on balancing our energy. We shared what energizers us as well as what drains our energy. We identified what we can let go of to release some of those energy drains in order to make space for what we really want. There is always so much wisdom in the group and generation of ideas and insights. 

Our next meeting will be  Thursday,   March 26,  at 6:30 PM at the Maplewood Library. Some of the topics we brainstormed for upcoming meetings focus on topics of order and what that means for us physically and energetically; how we define our family; wellness and well-being; and what gives us "Awe". Other topics will arise as well.

For more information or questions,
Please contact Barbara at .

- Submitted by Jean Forrey

Six of us met on Monday, February 3, for a lively discussion regarding service and how we can impact our community - one of the 3 main tenets of TTN. We discussed areas that we are personally interested in as well as group ideas for future involvement. Our current volunteerism includes board membership, tutoring, teaching English as a second language, helping family members, visiting nursing homes with pets, Friends of the Library, TTN and same day projects for various organizations. What we also learned is we have a passion to do the right thing and the challenges of white privilege. We also discussed there needs to be a balance between what we give and what we get in return. There are many tools and opportunities to explore individually and Janis Weller and Jean Forrey will explore group options. Our first choice will be centered around the upcoming election with a non-partisan approach to getting out the vote.

On  Monday, March 2 , Jean Forrey will lead the discussion on music that has been meaningful to you at various times in your life. Think of it as “The Playlist of Your Life”. The concept is loosely based on a book by local musician Mark Mallman called “The Happiness Playlist”. The following Star Tribune article initially caught her eye: . We will listen to various pieces or excerpts of them submitted by members. We will then have the option to share why it’s meaningful or just allow the music to speak for itself! Please submit music selections (include composer if obscure and music performer of preference) to Jean at . The deadline for submissions is end of day February 25 th . Please send 5-10 works if possible. Depending on the size of the group and her success at finding the music online, we may have time to listen to all of them!

All meetings take place at the Plymouth Library on the first Monday from 1:00-3:00 PM. Our current room is the Vicksburg room but that is dependent upon availability. You can also look at our Facebook page, MSP TTN West Metro Peer Group or .

Please note, this relatively new TPG is open to all members regardless of where you live. If any questions regarding the March meeting please contact Jean at .

For more information or questions,
contact Barbara O’Sullivan at
Special Interest Groups (SIGs)
Submitted by JeNell Jacobson

If you are interested in discovering more about the local art scene, join the ART APPRECIATION SIG Together we will experience many types of creative expressions i.e.: paintings, pottery, sculpture, glass, textiles. We usually meet on weekday afternoons, occasionally on evenings and weekends.

Tucked into the Janet Wallace Fine Art Building at Macalester College is the Law Warschaw Gallery, a lovely exhibition space with lots of natural light. On February 20, a small group of TTN members enjoyed exploring the images collected by JoAnn Gonzalez Hickey, whose approach to intuitive collection matched our intuitive reactions to the very diverse works of art. Many of the art works incorporated found objects along with acrylic paint, ink, graphite pencil, crayon, tape and oil paint markers.
On Thursday, March 26,  join us for Kaleidoscope the  Northstar Watermedia Society ’s annual member exhibition. Awards will be given for exceptional quality work. Blaine City Hall, 10801 Town Square Drive NE in Blaine. Meet at 1:00 PM in the entrance. After viewing the show, we could enjoy a snack and social time.

If you are interested in participating or want to be on our contact list, contact Tracey Baker at  or JeNell Jacobson at .
Submitted by Robin Getman
Five of us gathered in February for the CCCC SIG ( Cards, Coins, Conversation, and Canapes)  at Robin Getman’s NE Minneapolis home and feasted on tasty appetizers, energized conversation, and high-stakes ($1.55 per player) gambling. 

We aim to grow this fun and funny group from five to seven players. If you’re interested, please join us  Monday, March 23 ; here’s how we roll:

  • 11:15 - 11:45 AM   Chit, chat, and chew. Bring an appetizer to share and your favorite beverage (Robin will have wine and water on hand).

  • 11:45 AM    Learn how to play “Nickels” (Think, “sets” and “runs” with wild cards)
  • NOON   Ante up! $ .80 per person (Bring 11 nickels and 1 quarter)

  • 1:30-ish PM   Stick around to learn and play a quick game of “31” ($ .75 per person, bring 3 quarters)

  • 2:45 PM   Bag up your winning’s, repack your potluck dishes, and hit the road before rush-hour

If you plan to attend, please notify Robin  at least 24 hours before  game day. To RSVP, get directions, or for more information, contact Robin at
Submitted by Eleni Skevas

The Daytime Book Club got together in February to discuss the memoir  Educated  by Tara Westover. It was the latest in a series of “dark” books and members should be relieved that our March book, though also a memoir, is considerably lighter in tone. It’s  Born a Crime  by Trevor Noah. 
We meet on  Thursday, March 5 , at 10:15 AM–12:15 PM in the Book Club Room at the Shoreview Library.

Due to a library closure, our April meeting will be on  Friday, April 3 , 10:15-12:15 PM in the Book Club Room at the Shoreview Library. We will be reading  Who Will Take Care of Me When I’m Old  by Joy Loverde. Discussion will be led by Cyndy Nelson

Please note that the April selection ties into the author Joy Loverde’s appearance as a speaker at a TTN event on April 30. Cost for the April 30 event includes a copy of her book; these will be delivered early to book group attendees who will be registering for the April 30 program.

For  Thursday, May 7,  we will be reading  Washington Black  by Esi Edugyan

We meet on the first Thursday of the month from 10:15 AM – 12:15 PM.

Question?  Contact Eleni Skevas at
Submitted by Beth Stockinger  
On February 11, the Tuesday evening book group met at Karen West’s home, and Grace Bartholet provided Valentine’s Day themed snacks (Thanks To both!). 

Our book for February was  The Alice Network   by Kate Quinn. We shared a variety of individual reactions to the book, not all favorable. This fictionalized book is based on the real-life Alice Network in France during WW1. We discussed the courage and commitment of the women spies, the dangers, betrayals, and fears they managed. We reflected on how the Alice Network contributed to the resistance in WWI. The story is interwoven with that of a younger woman searching for a lost family member during the aftermath of WW2 and befriending a now elderly spy from the network who still has unfinished business. The book was not particularly well written, but we used the subject matter to launch a deeper discussion of the bigger issues.
What is coming up next?
March:  Maybe You Should Talk To Someone  by Lori Gottlieb
Tuesday, March 10 th  at 6:30 will be hosted by Lisa Nabbefeld. Contact Lisa at for address.
April:  How Democracies Die  by Steven Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt
Tuesday, April 14 at 6:30- Host TBD

For more information, contact Group Coordinator, Grace Bartholet at
Submitted by Kathleen Peterson

On February 7, a group of TTN members was privileged to enjoy a delicious lunch at the City View Grille on the campus of St. Paul College. Students of the Culinary Program of the college designed the menu, prepared and served the three-course meal. The presentations, flavors and colors of the meals were stunning! And what could be better than a leisurely lunch in a lovely setting with a group of interesting friends?  We all agreed we would visit again. Thanks to Chris DiPietro for organizing this event.

Coming right up on  Friday, March 6 , a group of us will be volunteering at Open Arms in South Minneapolis. Our job will be prepping and packing the food that will be delivered to people with life threatening illnesses across the wider Metro area. From their brochure “At Open Arms we nourish body mind and soul. Food=Life.” If anyone from our Minneapolis/St. Paul Chapter is interested in joining this project on March 6, we can still use more volunteers. The time commitment is 10:45 AM-1:30 PM. Please contact Kathleen Peterson for details, location and instructions at   

If you have any questions about this SIG, please contact Kathleen Peterson at
Submitted by Cyndy Nelson

On Tuesday, February 18, nine women were joined by Della Johnson, TTN MSP member and realtor, to discuss housing. Della informed us that there are people that focus on the needs of seniors including the National Association of Senior Move Managers ( ). We discussed the importance of making a game plan to prepare one for the future. We discussed modifications that might need to be made to one’s home to age in place and the challenges of getting handyman assistance with small projects/repairs. Della suggested the term “rightsizing” is a better one than “downsizing” since moving doesn’t necessarily result in less space or cost. Thanks to Della for joining us and sharing her insights.

Our March meeting is on  Tuesday, March 17 , 6:30-8:00 PM at the Ramsey County Library at 2180 North Hamline Ave, Roseville. We will be in the Board Room on the second floor. Topic will be taxes.

Our April meeting is  Tuesday, April 21 , 6:30-8:00 PM. The Roseville library is unavailable so location is TBD. 

The purpose of this group is to increase our personal financial literacy. The knowledge of members about financial topics varies from beginner to more experienced. Our topics will be selected based on what individual members are interested in. We meet on the third Tuesday of the month at 6:30 PM. New members are welcome. Come and give it a try.
Please email Cyndy at if you are interested in joining us, have ideas for topics, or have questions.
Submitted by Robin Getman

Four of us attended Penumbra Theatre’s Sunday, February 16,   matinee performance of   The White Card If you haven’t seen it, do; this powerful and moving production has been extended to March 8!

Several of us will attend History Theatre’s  Sunday, March 1,  closing performance of Superman Becomes Lois Lane  at the History Theatre. Look for us in Row H. 

Please join us  Sunday, March 8,  at 1:00 PM for Minnesota Jewish Theatre Company’s comedy,  Significant Other at Highland Park Community Center, 1978 Ford Parkway, St. Paul. Look for us in Rows B and C.

For more information about TTN Theater SIG events, please join us on our private Facebook group: 

  1. Search “TTN Theater MSP” on Facebook, or insert this link to access the private group page:
  2. Not a member of the private FB group yet? Simply request to join the group. The group administrator will receive notification of your request, accept your request, and, you’re in!
  3.  When you receive notification that your request has been accepted, join the conversation:
  • Read and post about what’s hot and happening
  • Spearhead an outing in 2020
  • Meet up at events and post-performance discussions

We look forward to your participation!

Got questions? Need help? Contact Robin Getman at

Submitted by Marilynne Roberts
Everyone is invited to the next meeting sponsored by the Travel SIG  on   Saturday, March 21 , from  3:00-5:00 PM  at the Centennial Branch Library in Circle Pines. Come discover Paris beyond the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre. Lane Rosenthal, founder and owner of Paris Off Script, will share the hidden magic of her favorite city, Paris. As a self-described “Paris whisperer,” and drawing from the idea of what separates travel from tourism, Lane will share her unique approach to Paris. Whether you have been to the City of Light many times, or never, there are stories to discover, secrets that Paris holds close. Lane, who lives regularly between two continents, will be here fresh from a month in Paris, and before going back again for another month, to unlock some of those secrets. Please email Marilynne at  if you have questions. 

Please register so we can plan at

Learn more about Lane at
Please email Marilynne at Debra Dorgan at  or Julie Efta at  if you are interested in joining us, have ideas for events, or have questions. 
Submitted by Cyndy Nelson

Some members of the group walked the three floors of the Mall of America on Tuesday, February 25. We concluded the walk with lunch. We will be taking the month of March off and look at starting our outdoor season in late April. 

This seasonal SIG gives us the opportunity to explore and/or introduce others to new locations in the metro area. Our hikes last about 60-90 minutes and we walk at a moderately brisk and steady pace. All are welcome to join us as we walk and talk. We sometimes end our hikes with a stop at a local establishment for a coffee/drink/ice cream. Weather permitting, we anticipate starting our outdoor 2020 season in April.

Questions? Please contact Cyndy at

Submitted by Julie Efta

This is closed group of 5 women. In February we will meet on  Fridays, March 13, and 27 . Some of us will also meet on a few Tuesdays for silent writing retreats.

We encourage and will assist others to create more writing groups in 2020!

Questions? Please contact Julie Efta at .