November 2019
Online WELCOME Orientation for New Members
November 15, 11:00 AM-12:00 PM Central Time
T his webinar happens every month and is a great opportunity to “get to know TTN”. You can always find the current offering of this webinar if you go to National (in the Chapters section) and click on the link for National Chapter Events.
Location:  Online Webinar
Contact:  Jennifer Monahan at

Holiday Party

January Get Connected
Wednesday, January 15, 11:30 AM

Join us for our January lunch and social event. We will enjoy this special experience while we engage with each other plus hear three members share how their lives have been enriched since joining TTN. The location will be Jax Cafe at 1928 University Ave NE in northeast Minneapolis, a Twin Cities icon since 1933. This family owned restaurant takes pride in using white linens, offering fine food, and attentive service. We will each order off the menu. 
If you have questions, please email

“Home Sweet Home”:  Housing, Downsizing, Decluttering
Saturday, February 8, 2020
1:00 PM in Roseville

Are you or a loved one thinking of downsizing or simplifying and organizing your home in the next year? Do you have no idea of what to keep and what to get rid of? How do you decide whether to stay in your home or move?  What options are available if you need to move?  Does the thought of coordinating a major move overwhelm you? Does the thought of this process or helping a parent or other loved one make these decisions cause you stress? Are you just wanting to declutter and simplify your life so you can enjoy life more? If you answered yes to any of these questions come and listen to TTN Member and Licensed Real Estate Agent, Della Johnson, and Laurie Wrobel of Clutter 911 as they share ideas on how to help this process go more smoothly. Registration information will be available in December.

October Event Recap

On October 10, thirteen women gathered for the “Secrets to Finding Your Passion and Purpose” educational event with Lori Palm. Lori is an engaging leader and helped us do a short self-assessment to identify our Core Passions. We talked about the energy that emerges when one operates based on her passion. After one identifies her passion, she can formulate a vision of how she wants to give back, and then formulate an action plan to do that. The November 9 workshop will actually provide the opportunity for the participants to complete the 240 question Core Passion Assessment, receive a detailed report of the results, and use that information to create a vision and action plan.


Grandmother's Buttons
by Melissa Cathcar

My grandmother's buttons were kept in a jar in her spare room full of vintage castaways, tributes to a past once treasured. They held for me a fascination of color, shape, texture. Some were sets; most seemed singles. Sometimes I would dump them onto a surface to explore their forms. One was moss green plastic with bumps and a recessed edge. It had two holes. I liked the way it felt, smooth and cool like the earth. Another had a fabric center and a loop on its back. I found four of these. They reminded me of Elizabethan shoes and high-laced collars. Each button evoked its own sensibility, perhaps held a story. The collection together felt like it transported--maybe to another time or to another way of being.

Eventually grandma passed. Mum inherited the button collection. She kept them in the basement, which was packed full of forget-me-nots, could-have-been's, and if-only's. Now mum has passed. I don't know what happened to that collection of buttons, lost in a remote sense of longing.
Special Interest Groups (SIGs)
Transition Peer Groups (TPGs)
(SIGs and TPGs available with paid membership only)
Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are topic or activity-focused. There is no limit to the groups that can be created because they all originate with and are guided by members! If you have an idea for a new SIG and would like to find out if others are interested, please contact Jill Goski at .

Transition Peer Groups (TPGs) are small groups who meet to discuss topics from career transitions to changing family relationships to the benefits and challenges of aging. Each group selects its own topics and shares group facilitation and guidance. TTN provides resources to help these groups get started and flourish. There is always an opportunity for the formation of new peer groups in a different geographic location and/ or around specific topics. If you are interested in joining or starting a TPG, please contact Barbara O’Sullivan at .

Just a friendly reminder:  We always welcome new women to check out our SIGs and TPGs along with our many social occasions and programs. Please remember that non-members are welcome to attend SIGs & TPGs for a maximum of two times after which, per national policy, women are required to become a member of TTN to continue SIG/TPG participation. Joining is easy and economical. Just go to the TTN website - Click Here!

Transition Peer Groups (TPGs)
Update on New Transition Peer Groups
Peer groups are great opportunities to connect with other TTN members to explore and discuss the transitions we are experiencing at this point in our lives. Informational meetings were held in September in the south and west metro areas to explore interest in starting peer groups. A new daytime group has formed in the west metro. We are still pursuing the possibility of a south metro and/or evening west metro group. If you have questions, please contact Barbara O’Sullivan at .
Transition Peer Group – Life Animated
Submitted by Sylvia Mohn

The group met on October 10 to discuss the benefits of writing, led by Julie. Writing can be beneficial to record events, emotions, and personal histories. Writing is good for keeping organized and for personal reflection. We discussed methods of journaling and the kinds of things we write (ex: diaries, journals, letters to friends, lists.) Some of us keep letters to and from other people and can see how we've changed over time. We discussed grief about death, divorce, and how each person copes in their own way.

We talked about legacy letters, something to leave behind. One member had a relative who wrote an outline of family history and events in her life in chronological order, creating verbal snapshots of her life over time. Or these letters can share wisdom. One member said it was important not just to tell your story, but also to have it received.

The group ended with a word exercise. We wrote the word "write" across and up and down, and added a word or phrase for each letter. We then went around the table and it was surprising to see the different ideas each person had.

November 14 : Highland Library, 10:15 AM.
Topic: What does spirituality look like to you, led by Nancy.

If you are interested in joining this group:
Please contact Eleni Skevas at  

TRANSITION PEER GROUP - Living with Purpose
Submitted by Barbara O’Sullivan

The Living with Purpose Transition Peer Group met October 24 at the Roseville Library. Janet Mandelstam, one of the founding members of the San Francisco TTN Chapter, was our guest. She shared her experience of years of involvement with TTN in multiple chapters around the country. Janet grew up in Minnesota and is considering returning here, with our TTN chapter as a big draw! As a group we shared "How where we grew up influenced who we became and how we are now; as well as where we are going." This was a meaningful way for us to get to know each other on a deeper level and building trust and confidence within our group. About half of the group grew up in Minnesota and has always lived here. Others grew up around the country and ended up in the Twin Cities for a variety of reasons. We all agreed the Twin Cities is a vibrant community and we enjoy living here. However, most of us agreed that we no longer enjoy winter and want a travel budget to escape someplace warm in those cold dark winter months. 

Several members from our group attended the October 10 event with Lori Palm on Passion and Purpose and more of us plan to attend the Find Your Passion event November 9. Since this topic is so closely connected to our group's focus, we plan to continue to build on what we learn, especially from the CorePassion® Assessment. However, attending these sessions is not necessary to participate in our TPG discussions. At our November meeting, we will share other similar tools we may have used over the years to help identify our passions leading towards our purpose. We plan to discuss what energizes us, our continued journey towards purpose, and how we can support each other. 

With upcoming holidays, our group will meet on Thursday, November 21, at the Shoreview Library and Thursday, December 19, at Maplewood Library. So please mark your calendars! In January we will be back on track to meet the fourth Thursday of each month. Meetings are from 6:30-8:00 PM. 

For more information or questions,
Please contact Barbara at

Submitted by JeNell Jacobson

We are delighted to announce the West Metro TPG will be launched on November 4 th  at 1:00 PM in the conference room at the Plymouth Hennepin County Library at 15700 36 th  Ave N, Plymouth. Janis Weller will lead our group in a conversation on holistic self-care and we’ll share some of our favorite tips and activities to promote well-being. Janis is a nationally certified health and wellness coach. TTN members from across the metro are invited to consider participation in our group. This TPG will meet on the first Monday of the month.

For more information or questions,
contact Barbara O’Sullivan at
Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Submitted by Robin Getman

Do you:
  • Love to play cards?
  • Thrill at the thought of a low-stakes gamble?
  • Delight in conversation?
  • Relish a light bite before you play?

This SIG’s for you!

Join us on the second Wednesday of every month (November 13, December 11, January 8) at Robin Getman’s home in NE Minneapolis. As few as three, and as many as eight, people can play; if more than eight attend, we will split into two groups.

Here’s how we’ll roll:
5:30 PM Chit, chat, and chew. Bring an appetizer to share and your favorite beverage
(Robin will have wine and water on hand).

6:15 PM  Learn how to play “Nickels” (Think, “sets” and “runs” with wild cards) 

6:30 PM Ante up! $ .80 per person (Bring 11 nickels and 1 quarter)

8-ish PM Stick around to learn and play a quick game of “31”
($ .75 per person, bring 3 quarters)

If you plan to attend, please notify Robin  at least 24 hours before  game night. To RSVP, get directions, or for more information, contact Robin at .
Adventures in Food SIG
Submitted by Kathleen Peterson
The organizational meeting of the Exploring Food SIG was held on October 3 rd  at Byerly’s in Edina. A healthy discussion was had ranging from favorite family recipes, the changes in how we are preparing and consuming food, to planning a future service project. Thanks go out to Chris DiPietro (who will help coordinate this group), Julie and JeNell for their enthusiasm and ideas. 

We have plans for our November and December meetings and would love to have you join us.

Wednesday, November 6 th -11:30 AM - Chris DiPietro will host a lunch and discussion of holiday cooking traditions and food customs. The meeting will be held in her home in the Macalester College area of St. Paul. RSVP will be necessary by October 30 th  in order to plan for lunch (up to 10 people). Please e-mail Chris at  if you plan to attend. Specific address will be shared to those responding.

Wednesday, December 4 th  - 11:00 AM - Kathleen Peterson will host a Scandinavian brunch at her home in the Diamond Lake area of South Minneapolis. After the meal, those who would like will proceed on to Norway House (South Minneapolis) for the Gingerbread Wonderland exhibit. We will see the beautiful creations submitted by professional and community member bakers. There is a $10.00 fee for the exhibit. ($5.00 if you are a member of Norway House.)  RSVP will be necessary by November 27 th  in order to plan for brunch (up to 10 people). Please e-mail Kathleen at  if you plan to attend. Specific address will be shared to those responding.

I f you have any questions about this SIG, please contact Kathleen Peterson at
Movie SIG
Submitted by Erin Campbell
Forming a movie SIG has proved to be challenging, too challenging. While trying to get this SIG working, we have tried both large movie theaters and small independents. A major issue is finding a film that would be of interest to many and knowing when it will be showing far enough in advance for TTN members to get it on their calendars. Typically, where and when a movie would be playing only is available a week in advance. We may try it again in the future but for now, we are going to discontinue this SIG. If you have any questions, please email Erin at
Daytime Book Group SIG
Submitted by Eleni Skevas
The Daytime Book Club met on October 3 to discuss  Sing, Unburied, Sing  by Jasmine Ward. The following week the group went to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts to go on a docent-led tour based on the book.

The next book under discussion is  Becoming  by Michelle Obama. The meeting will be at the Shoreview Library in the Book Club Room, on Thursday, November 7, at 10:15 AM. The group will choose the books for January and February at that time so those who attend are urged to bring ideas for book titles. 

The December book is  Where the Crawdads Sing  by Delia Williams. The group will meet on December 5, Thursday, again at the Shoreview Library in the Book Club Room at 10:15 AM. 

This group meets in the morning of the first Thursday of the month from 10:15 AM - Noon.

Question?  Contact Eleni Skevas at
Travel SIG
Submitted by Marilynne Roberts
The weekend of October 25-26, several members enjoyed Karen West's family cabin on Big Blake Lake in Luck, Wisconsin. Thank you for your generosity and hospitality, Karen. It was also the first weekend of the Warehouse Sale of Storm Creek, a local outdoor lifestyle apparel company. The second weekend will be November 29-30 in Hastings.

The Star Tribune Vacation and Travel show will be held November 16-17 at the Minneapolis Convention Center. If you plan to attend on Saturday, November 16, and would like to meet for lunch, please let Marilynne Roberts know. In December we hope to tour St. Paul's Union Depot and see the holiday decorations.

Please email Marilynne at , Debra Dorgan at  or Julie Efta at  if you are interested in joining us, have ideas for events, or have questions. 
Financial SIG
Submitted by Cyndy Nelson
On Tuesday, October 15, five women gathered for a highly interactive discussion focused on attitudes about money. Our discussion was based on the book  How to Worry Less About Money  by John Armstrong. We shared some of our early life experiences with money, how our money personality now might be different than it was earlier in our lives, and how money usually represents something different than a “neutral mechanism for exchange” such as success, security, status.

Our next meeting is on Tuesday, November 19, 7:00-8:30 PM at the Ramsey County Library at 2180 North Hamline Ave, Roseville. We will be in the Board Room on the second floor. Our topic will be to profile a woman in her late 60’s with some assets and identify financial actions she might consider. In conjunction with that discussion, we will talk about the tendency to be too conservative in our spending early in retirement because of a fear of “running out of money”.

Our December meeting is Tuesday, December 17, 7:00-8:30 PM at the Ramsey County Library at 2180 North Hamline Ave, Roseville. We will be in the Board Room on the second floor. Our discussion will be about “deals”. Bring your insights 

The purpose of this group is to increase our personal financial literacy. The knowledge of members about financial topics varies from beginner to more experienced. Our topics will be selected based on what individual members are interested in. We meet on the third Tuesday of the month at 7:00 PM. New members are welcome. Come and give it a try.
Please email Cyndy at  if you are interested in joining us, have ideas for topics, or have questions.
Evening Book Club SIG
Submitted by Grace Bartholet
Due to member schedule conflicts, the book group did not meet in October. Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, November 12. We will be discussing  Spirit Car: Journey to a Dakota Past  by Diane Wilson. Please contact Grace for meeting location.

The group selected the following books for the next few months: 
·        December -  Where the Crawdads Sing  by Delia Owens 
·        January -  Sula  by Toni Morrison (in honor of her passing)

The discussion is always lively, the members are a fun group of women. Come join us!

For more information,
Contact Group Coordinator, Grace Bartholet at .
Art Appreciation SIG
Submitted by JeNell Jacobson
If you are interested in discovering more about the local art scene, join the ART APPRECIATION SIG. Together we will experience many types of creative expression: paintings, pottery, sculpture, textiles. We usually meet on weekday afternoons, occasionally an evening or Saturday. Exhibits are FREE or low cost.

In October, at the Groveland Gallery, we were in awe of paintings by Anne DeCoster and James Conaway. Both artists are in their 80’s and an inspiration to all of us!

On November 18 th , International Market Square is our destination for an interesting self-guided tour. This major design center houses a wide variety of design specialties, D’Amico Catering with lunch service, plus an Art Resources Gallery.IMS is a historic landmark and trend-setting design center located on the edge of downtown. Meet at 1:00 PM in the lobby, 275 Market Street, Minneapolis.

On December 11th, at the American Swedish Institute, we will enjoy displays of holiday traditions from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland and Finland including music, lighting and food. Meet at 1:00 PM, 2600 Park Ave, Minneapolis.
If you are interested in participating or want to be on our contact list, contact Tracey Baker at  or JeNell Jacobson at
Theater SIG
Submitted by Robin Getman
Whatcha doin' Thanksgiving weekend? 

If you’re in town and seeking fare to feed your heart and soul, please purchase your tix ASAP and join TTN at Theatre Latte Da’s Saturday, November 30, 2:00 PM matinee performance of  All is Calm: The Christmas Truce of 1914 . $37.50 including tax. 

A little about the play, per the website,

The Western Front, Christmas, 1914.   Out of the violence comes a silence, then a song. A German soldier steps into No Man’s Land singing “Stille Nacht.” Thus begins an extraordinary night of camaraderie, music, peace. A remarkable true story, told in the words and songs of the men who lived it.

Details:  All is Calm: The Christmas Truce of 1914
   Saturday, November 30, 2PM
   The Ritz Theater
   345 13 th  Ave NE
   Minneapolis, MN 55413

Help us fill the rest of Row G – and more – with TTN! (Members who have already purchased tix include: Karen West, Julie Efta, JeNell Jacobson, and me, Robin Getman.) Tix will sell out fast.

For information about future events, please join us on our private Facebook group: 

1)    Search “TTN Theater MSP” on Facebook, or insert this link to access the private
2)    Not a member of the private FB group yet? Simply request to join the group. The
group administrator will receive notification of your request, accept your request,
and, you’re in!

3)    When you receive notification that your request has been accepted, jump in:
  • Read and post about what’s hot and happening
  • Suggest an outing for October or November
  • Meet up with us at an outing or post-performance discussion

We look forward to your participation!

Got questions? Need help? Contact Robin Getman at
Writer's SIG 1
 Submitted by Julie Efta
This is a closed group but others may join us for our mostly Silent writing retreat on Tuesday, November 19, from 10:00 AM -Noon at Spyhouse Coffee in downtown Minneapolis. Let Julie know if you plan to join us. We will chat some at the beginning and end of our meeting.

Our regular meetings are: November 8 and 22. These meetings are not open to new members.

We encourage and will assist others to create more writing groups. Several women have expressed interest but a leader for a second group is still needed.

Questions? Please contact Julie Efta at .
Urban Hiking SIG
Submitted by Cyndy Nelson
On Monday, October 14, Jan, Kathleen, Tracey, Mary Kay, Julie, and Cyndy walked along the Mississippi River on the Winchell Trail. We were fortunate to have picked the one non-rainy day and enjoyed a beautiful day with lovely fall colors. Thanks to Jan for identifying and leading this hike. Following our hike, we enjoyed a delicious lunch at the Turtle Bread Company in Minneapolis.

This hike marked the conclusion of our 2019 hiking season. Depending on interest, we could consider some indoor venues during winter months including the Minneapolis skyway system and the Mall of America. Let Cyndy know if indoor hikes are of interest to you.

This seasonal SIG gives us the opportunity to explore and/or introduce others to new locations in the metro area. Our hikes last about 60-90 minutes and we walk at a moderately brisk and steady pace. All are welcome to join us as we walk and talk. We sometimes end our hikes with a stop at a local establishment for a coffee/drink/ice cream. Weather permitting, we anticipate starting our 2020 season in April.

Cyndy can be contacted at