February 29th, 2018
Your Weekly News & Updates
We hope you are out enjoying the fabulous weather we are having. The best excuse to get outside is to take a walk to your local wine/beer/spirits shop ( a.k.a. North Loop Wine & Spirits ) for a free tasting! We are pet friendly so don't forget to bring your furry buddy along! - Heads up, it is officially wine buying season - containers are arriving from around the world - which means we will be bringing in lots of cool new wines and more 2017 Roses in the coming weeks!!!
Wines our 'Fearless Leader' added to the NLWS Collection :
Andrea Felici, Verdicchio Classico Superiore (2015)
"From the sandy clay soils of Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi, Andrea Felici Classico is a blend of young and older vineyards - 7 and 35 year old vines. After a few days on the skins, it ages in stainless steel with 3 months on its lees then 2 months in bottle before release. Bright, polished and penetrating this shows charming citrus notes and those telltale aromas of fresh almonds on the palate with a hint of lychee on the textural finish - notes that separate the men from the boys and Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi above the rest." -Distributor Notes
Domaine Robert-Denogent, Saint-Véran Les Pommards Vieilles Vignes (2011)
"The Roberts’ individual vineyard parcels are planted with old vines on varied soils of granite, schist, limestone, clay, and gravel. Naturally reduced yields imbue the grapes with terrific concentration. The wines undergo a long, slow élévage in barrel that lasts anywhere from fifteen to eighteen months. They are bottled after two winters in barrel, a treatment more common (yet still far from the norm) in the Côte d’Or, and something that really sets them apart in the Mâconnais. At a fraction of the price of the appellations of Meursault and Puligny-Montrachet, to which they are often compared by aficionados and critics alike, the wines of Robert-Denogent offer tremendous value, wonderful richness, and impressive complexity." - Producer Notes
Graci, Etna Rosso (2011)
"Young Alberto Aiello Graci remains steadfast in his respect for local traditions as well as the distinct nature of each vintage and only cultivates traditional varieties indigenous to Mount Etna. Intervention of any kind is extremely limited, both in the vineyard and in the cellar. No herbicides are used in order to preserve the unique balance and vital energy of the soil. Only the big, upright, wooden casks known as tini and large, well-used wood barrels are used. Their sole objective is to reflect the personalities of their vineyards and the sublime differences between each and every harvest. A textbook wine from Etna. The wine offers power and grace with territory-specific aromas of cigar ash, dark granite and dried black currant." -Producer & Distributor Notes
Domaine d'Aupilhac, Coteaux du Languedoc "Lou Maset" (2011)
"Aupilhac is a special parcel for many reasons. It sits at a high altitude, nestled below the ruins of the village’s château, at almost 1200 feet above sea level on terraced land with southwest sun exposure. The soils are rich in prehistoric oyster fossils, which lend an incredible length and minerality to the wines. "Lou Maset" is a mouth-wateringly fresh, fruity wine : great as an every day drink. Blended mostly from Grenache and Cinsault. Good length with silky tannins, it finishes spicy." -Distributor Notes
Friday's Tasting Lineup (4-8pm):

Felici Verdicchio Castelli dei Jesi, Marche, Italy
Domaine Robert-Denogent, Saint-Véran Les Pommards Vieilles Vignes
Pedroncelli Zinfandel Rose 2017, Sonoma, California
Kilikanoon Shiraz "Lackey", South Australia (Bill Ward's Wine of the Week)
Graci Etna Rosso, Sicily, Italy
Klinker Brick Cabernet Sauvignon

Plus a Secret Sipper: TBA

We are still picking the wines for the Tasting on Saturday (3-7pm) .
We will post the lineup to Facebook prior to the tasting.
Ron Abuelo XV - Napoleon Cognac Cask Finish Rum
Rockfilter Distillery (Spring Grove, MN) Organic Fence Jumper Bourbon
Rockfilter Distillery Organic Giants of the Earth Bourbon
Rockfilter Distillery Organic Red Rider Rye
Note : We have very limited quanities of Rockfilter Distillery Products

Akitabare Spring Snow Sake
Dewazakura Ginjo Sake "Cherry Bouguet"
Hoyo Kaiginjo Sake "Fair Maiden"
Kamoizumi Daiginjo Sake "Autumnal Elixer"
Kamoizumi Nigori Sake "Summer Snow"
Masumi Junmai Sake "Mirror of Truth"

Klinker Brick Cabernet Sauvignon
Lady Hill Radicle Vine Pinot Noir
Kilikanoon Lackey Shiraz
Penley Phoenix Cabernet Sauvignon
Cantina Bolzano Pinot Grigio, Alto Adige, Italy
Cune Imperial Reserva​ Rioja
Cune Imperial Gran Reserva​ Rioja