Quarterly Impact Report
Reporting Period: January 2018 - March 2018
Program Objectives
The Minority Business Accelerator (MBA) is designed to aide Black and Hispanic business owners prepare for growth by helping them identify and overcome barriers, which often include limited access to capital, key decision makers, and information. The MBA provides practical tools for change to position program participants to increase their capacity, create jobs and build wealth.
Industry experts collaborate with program participants to determine what works and what doesn’t, while helping them develop strategic, results-driven solutions specific to their unique business needs.
The MBA creates strategic access to businesses seeking minority business suppliers and engages the business community to utilize local minority owned businesses through their supplier diversity efforts.
The MBA evaluates and provides ongoing support to program participants to ensure long term growth. Thus, leading to job creation, business prosperity, and economic inclusion.
MBA Cohort Kick Off Reception
The Minority Business Accelerator kicked off in January with a reception at Mise En Place honoring the Inaugural Cohort participants.
1st Quarter Focus:
Leadership Development & Organizational Change

Program participants spent

48 hrs

participating in professional development activities.
T he 1st quarter of the MBA program was one of personal reflection for the program participants - both as a leader and the agent of change of their company.

The program activities revolved around understanding leadership traits, the various roles of a leader, and the pitfalls most leaders face as they lead their company. They also focused on facilitating and leading organizational change, while managing conflict.

Each activity forced the participants to confront their way of thinking and behaviors. Through discussions and practical tools, the participants were exposed to new perspectives and ways of doing great business!
New Positions Created
New Hires
Strategic Introductions
Business Planning Hours
New Assets Acquired
Chamber & Community Events Attended
*Please note: All impact numbers are reported on an aggregate basis.*
Inaugural Cohort of the Minority Business Accelerator (Left to Right):

McKenzie Contracting, LLC; Chameleon Custom Solutions; Mid Florida Armored & ATM Service; Matcon Construction Services, Inc.
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