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Upcoming Government, Military and Veterans Affairs Committee Hearing

Wednesday, March 1, 2023

1:30 PM, Room 1507


LB228 & LB230 Voter Integrity

How does LB228 & LB230 help with voter integrity?

LB228 does three things: 1) it establishes time for all Nebraska citizens to vote by establishing a holiday on days of statewide primary and general elections, 2) It requires those voting have photographic identification, and 3) it places limits on early voting and voting by mail.

LB230 requires a voter to have photographic identification at the time they cast their vote. It also defines what identification is acceptable and waives fees for citizens who need a photographic identification for the purpose of voting.

Why the need for voter ID?

Last year citizens of the state of Nebraska overwhelmingly voted in favor of voter ID. While the vote brings voter ID requirements to the state it doesn't define what constitutes a valid ID. There are some who would like to water down this requirement to the point where it's meaningless. Both LB228 and LB230 require this ID to have a photographic image of the voter.

Keep in mind, whenever a person flies on an airline or applies for a checking account they must do so in person and provide photographic identification. This has never been considered; limiting a persons access to these services, an inconvenience, nor has it been considered racist. Photographic identification is a verification that you are who you say you are.

Why the need for a state holiday?

The creation of state holidays for statewide primary and general election days would eliminate the dilemma in which some people find themselves on election day, trying to get off work. Not all workers can get off work for voting. This holiday would eliminate this barrier for not voting. It would also mean that reluctant employers would need to let their employees go, even if for a short time, to vote.

The bills would also place limits on voting by mail. The bill's statement of intent states in part "...Those who need to vote early may do so at the county election office or the county clerk's office. Only military personnel and those living in a registered nursing home or assisted living facility may vote by mail..."

Election Integrity

What does it mean when people say we need election integrity? That definition is probably different for each individual. Regardless of ideology or party affiliation, there has been more and more cries of voter fraud in recent times. You can go back to the Bush vs. Gore presential election. With each election the cries get loader and trust in our election process continues to erode. Whether you believe voting machines were hacked, ballots were harvested, voting machines were intentionally taken down, or social media influences election; something needs to be done to regain voters trust in the election process. These bills takes important steps toward doing just that.

How to be heard? 

Take action, your voice is powerful make it heard. LB228, & LB230 committee hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, March 1, 2023.

How to be heard? Here are three ways:

  • Most EffectiveTestify in person. Going to the Committee hearing and sharing YOUR story with committee member Senators is very impactful. For first time in person testifier here are some helpful hints
  • Very EffectiveSubmit written testimony. If you can't be there in person then submit written testimony. Not sure how to do that, click hereNote; written testimony needs to be submitted by noon the business day before the committee hearing.
  • EffectiveEmail your position letter to the Committee Senators and CC your own Senator. For a listing of the Government, Military, and Veterans Affairs Committee Senators click hereNote; emails need to be sent by noon the business day before the committee hearing. It's not likely these emails will be included in official hearing minutes though there is a better chance Committee Senators will see your comments. You can request they be added to meeting minutes in your email to Committee Senators.

Not sure what to say?

Listed below are thought starters. Build your story around one or two of them. Quantity is not as important as a short heart felt personal story.


Here are three strong arguments to support this sound legislation:

  • Voting is a business deal. You, the voter, are hiring someone you trust to represent you. If a non-citizen can vote without providing photographic identification, he or she is fraudulently displacing your vote.

  • These bills make allowance for people who truly cannot come to the polling place on election day. For the elderly, disabled, or military personnel who are stationed abroad, there are provisions for them to vote by mail. 

  • For able-bodied citizens, it is pertinent that they “do business” in person, with photographic identification. These bills will mirror that requirement for voting.
Board of Directors Team