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Upcoming Health and Human Services Committee Hearing

Wednesday, February 8, 2023

1:30 PM, Room 1510


LB574 Adopt Let Them Grow Act

How does LB574 protect kids?

LB574, otherwise known as Let Them Grow, protects children from gender mutilation surgeries, procedures, and medications up to age 19. It states that no state funds will go to any entity that provides gender altering procedures for children under the age of 19.  LB574 allows for civil actions to be brought against practitioners who perform gender altering procedures or make referrals.

Gender Dysphoria in 2023

In 2007, America had one pediatric gender clinic; today there are hundreds. This according to an Imprimis article "Gender Ideology Run Amok". The article goes on to say "Gender dysphoria is certainly real. Its is also exceedingly rare. It afflicts about 0.01 percent of the population, most of whom are male".

What's interesting is what once was a predominately male issue seems to have flipped according to Abigail Shreir. "As I mentioned, for the nearly 100-year history of scientific study of gender dysphoria, it has been diagnosed almost exclusively in young children, and mostly in boys. But over the last decade, large numbers of teenage girls have begun to claim they have gender dysphoria." In the UK there has been a decade to decade increase in over 4,400 percent in the number of teenage girls seeking treatment!

Are children being pulled toward believing they have gender dysphoria?

Some believe so. A 2017 NIH article speculated: "there is evidence that it has increased in the past couple of decades, perhaps reflected in the large increase in referral rates to specialized gender identity clinics".

Dr. Jordan Peterson, a professor of psychology at the University of Toronto, discussed this in a recent podcast interview and YouTube video with Chloe Cole, a de-tansitioner. In the interview Dr. Peterson discusses peer reviewed research done by Kenneth J. Sucker, Ph.D., C.Psych., which showed 80 to 90% of the time children reverted back to there biological sex when left alone. Click for a short 3 minute clip that covers the discussion.

Of note; Chloe Cole is suing Kaiser institutions in California for a breach of care. You can learn more about her story watching the full interview. Click here.

What's going on in the UK?

The UK's largest gender identity clinic, The Tavistock Clinic, is being shut down by NHS England.

It is alleged children were “rushed into taking life-altering puberty blockers without adequate consideration or proper diagnosis”, with staff under pressure to adopt an “unquestioning affirmative approach”. Read more.

Tom Goodhead, chief executive of law firm Pogust Goodhead, said he expected at “least 1,000 clients will join this action”. He added: “These children have suffered life-changing and, in some cases, irreversible effects of the treatment they received which has resulted in long-term physical and psychological consequences for them.”

Will this have any affect in the US?

No one knows for sure. We do know the days of the “affirmation-only-no-debate” approach to pediatric gender dysphoric patients is over, at least in the U.K.

As Nebraskan's we need to learn from what happened in the UK and put measures in place so it doesn't happen here.

Why we need to be the voice for children?

  1. Gender reassignment surgery and puberty blocking medication not only permanently destroy the body but can also carry the risks of bleeding, infections, and scarring.
  2. Children considering gender reassignment often struggle with emotional issues such as anxiety, depression, and uncertainty about their body.
  3. There is limited scientific research on the long-term outcomes of gender reassignment surgery on children, particularly in terms of physical and emotional well-being. Due to this lack of research, it is difficult to fully understand the potential harms and risks associated with surgery for this population.

How Can I help?

Take action, your voice is powerful make it heard. LB574 committee hearing is scheduled Wednesday February 8, 2023.

How to be heard? Here are three ways:

  • Most Effective: Testify in person. Going to the Committee hearing and sharing YOUR story with committee member Senators is very impactful. For first time in person testifier here are some help hints
  • Very Effective: Submit written testimony. If you can't be there in person then submit written testimony. Not sure how to do that, click here. Note; written testimony needs to be submitted by noon the day before the committee hearing.
  • Effective: Email your position letter to and CC each committee member Senator. For a listing of Health and Human Services Senators click here. Note; emails need to be sent by noon the day before the committee hearing. It's not guaranteed these emails will be included in the official meeting documents.

Not sure what to say?

Listed below are thought starters. Build your story around one or two of them. Quantity is not as important as a short heart felt personal story.


Here are three strong arguments for this legislation.

Emotional instability

Research suggests that children who are experiencing gender dysphoria may be more likely to experience emotional instability and mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety. Gender reassignment procedures may not address these underlying issues and could exacerbate them.

Social and developmental factors

Studies suggest that children who are experiencing gender dysphoria may be more likely to experience social isolation and developmental delays. The decision to undergo gender reassignment procedures should take into account not just the physical aspects but also the social and developmental factors that may be influencing the child's gender identity.

Medical professionals should be protecting children, not harming them

There is a lack of long-term studies on the physical and psychological effects of gender reassignment procedures on children. Therefore, it is difficult to fully understand the potential harms and risks associated with these procedures for this population. The permanent removal of body parts and hormone manipulation in children is not only harmful but unethical.

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