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Friday, February 24, 2023

1:30 PM, Room 1524


LB606 Nebraska Pregnancy Help Act

How does LB606 help pregnant women and families?

LB606 looks to support pregnancy-help organizations in the State of Nebraska and nation wide who offer free of charge resources to under-supported women for a wide variety of needs. They cover both the physical and emotional wellbeing of the women. Specific service would include pregnancy testing, prenatal education, counseling, food, clothing, housing, transportation, parenting and life skills classes, child care, licensed medical care, and referrals to additional community services and material.

Most importantly this bill would provide personal relationships and a strong local support network for women and their families through the help of pregnancy organizations. These relationship cannot be replicated by even the best and most effective programs.

Is this another state funded program?

No. This bill encourages private donations through the creation of a tax credit.

Unlike many bills submitted by Democrat Senators that would use state funds, taxpayer's money, to provide families support, LB606 provides the same support plus more without impacting taxpayers. Bills such as LB115, which NFFV opposed, had an annual price tag of $2 million. Sec. 2, (3) of LB115 states: “Home visitation means a voluntary program that is carried out in relevant settings, primarily in the homes of families with one or more children five years of age or younger or pregnant persons.”  LB606 addresses the needs of those families by allowing taxpayers to fund private organizations rather than pay $2 million to the State. It's a win for both the family and the taxpayer.

Who provides better care, State or Private programs?

It's an interesting questions that can be looked at from many viewpoints. On one hand State programs have better access to funds but normally take a one size fits all approach. This leads to 'dictated' care. In addition these programs collect vast amounts of data on private citizens and increase our tax burden. Private programs lead to individual specific care. Here is a good article describing those difference. It covers drug addiction programs however the lessons learned are universally.

Pushing back against the pressure to abort?

Pregnant women can feel enormous pressure to abort a pregnancy. This pressures can come from a multitude of angles. Research show women feel pressure from husbands, unmarried partners, parents, peers, school, and employers may also pressure women to abort. Serrin Foster, FFL President states “More stunning perhaps is that coerced abortions are happening here in the USA. Instead of a government mandate, it is more cultural—and secretive”. To read more click here.

In addition to the pressure to abort an unplanned pregnancy there is also pressure to abort planned pregnancies. This pressure comes in a surprising way. As ultrasounds have become more and more detailed they are "detecting abnormalities". Quoting from an article by Barbara Katz Rothman "Prenatal screening for conditions which have no solution but abortion is routine. And routinely unacknowledged. People do an ultrasound scan for the joy of ‘seeing the baby.’ But the ultrasounds weren’t introduced for fun, aren’t paid for by insurance companies for fun, aren’t done as routine medical care for fun. Ultrasound, along with maternal blood tests, are being done to diagnose conditions in the fetus, and those conditions are not treatable.

Abortions following prenatal testing are nothing like abortions to get ‘unpregnant,’ abortions to just return oneself to normal after an accidental, unplanned and unwanted pregnancy. These abortions, abortions because this particular fetus should not become one’s baby, are experienced very differently. In THE TENTATIVE PREGNANCY I showed how painful this was for the women involved, women who were told how lucky they were to have choices, but often experienced themselves as horrifically trapped." You can learn more here.

LB606 can help women work through these pressures by offering different viewpoints and supportive care.

Looking back, who was your support?

I think most are familiar with the poem titled "Footprints in the Sand". If not, it's worth checking out hear. The poem is about spiritual help when we need it most. That's one thing you well never get from today's government programs. It can happen with private ones though.

Don't under estimate the power of faith. A 2019 Forbes article titled "Science Says: Religion Is Good For Your Health" is quoted "Interestingly, although religion and spirituality correlate to an external locus of control (God as a higher power in control of our destiny), most research concludes that those who are religious have a strong internal sense of control. Dr. Harold Koenig of Duke University contends that as people pray, and ask God for guidance, they feel a sense of control over their own situation, helping them cope with depression and anxiety". Sounds like something everyone should incorporate in their life. Check out the full article here. You can also access a video recap.

How to be heard? 

Take action, your voice is powerful make it heard. LB606 committee hearing is scheduled for Friday, February 24, 2023.

How to be heard? Here are three ways:

  • Most EffectiveTestify in person. Going to the Committee hearing and sharing YOUR story with committee member Senators is very impactful. For first time in person testifier here are some helpful hints
  • Very EffectiveSubmit written testimony. If you can't be there in person then submit written testimony. Not sure how to do that, click hereNote; written testimony needs to be submitted by noon the business day before the committee hearing.
  • EffectiveEmail your position letter to the Committee Senators and CC your own Senator. For a listing of the Revenue Committee Senators click hereNote; emails need to be sent by noon the business day before the committee hearing. It's not likely these emails will be included in official hearing minutes though there is a better chance Committee Senators will see your comments. You can request they be added to meeting minutes in your email to Committee Senators.

Not sure what to say?

Listed below are thought starters. Build your story around one or two of them. Quantity is not as important as a short heart felt personal story.


Here are three strong arguments to support this strong legislation:

  • There is immense pressure on women to abort their pregnancy. This bill helps women work through those pressures with a wide range of service that can meet each individual's unique situation.

  • Under-supported women who become pregnant are subject to financial pressures. LB606 takes a different approach from the state's liberal senators by supporting private organization via incentivizing private donation through tax credits. Costing taxpayers nothing.

  • Private programs are better situated at handling a multiple of issues verse public programs that take a one size fits all approach. Private programs can also offer spiritual support and reduce government data gathering initiatives.
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