Minyan Updates

This week we are attempting a trial-period of some options that will make your minyan experience more user-friendly and more accessible, while maintaining the same standards for safety. These tweaks do not represent a lowering of standards in any way. In fact, the available data and expert advice suggest that the current danger that the coronavirus presents has not abated and may even be increasing slightly in recent days. We are prepared to adjust our policies and practices as the situation requires, which could include a retreat from some the progress we've made thus far.
Please be aware that we can only provide these options because of the compliance with the standards that we are advised must be maintained. This includes some limitations such as staying close to our seats during davening, and some uncomfortable but necessary measures such as wearing a facemark over our mouth AND nose while in the shul building.

Please note the following tentative changes to our minyanim this coming week:

1) You do not need to register for weekday minyanim. Beginning Sunday morning, June 28 through Friday afternoon, July 3, you may attend any minyan without registration. Please remember to wear your facemask and carefully adhere to the social distancing protocols detailed below. Should we be informed that someone has tested positive for COVID, we will inform you which minyanim the person attended. To that end, and for the purposes of informing decisions and community guidance, we request that if anyone tests positive for COVID, they should contact one of the Shul rabbis as soon as possible.

2) You may sit next to one family member, aged 10 or older. Children below the age of bar/bas mitzvah must sit next to a parent. We will be adding an extra chair to every spot. Note that this increases the numbers at our minyanim, as well as the opportunities for inadvertent drifting into other's space. Please be vigilant.

3) We are adding an option for outside minyanim. They will be located in the Temima parking lot. Those attending should stand in every-other parking spot and must wear facemarks. family units may stand together in the same parking spot. The Shaliach Tzibbur should stand in a central location and may remove his mask if necessary. There will be no Torah reading at the outside minyanim.

Minyan Protocols
Who May Attend:
*Men and women above Bar / Bas Mitzva.
*Children aged 10 may join and sit next to their parent.
*Senior citizens up to age 70 may attend with permission from their physician. 
*Participants must not have exhibited any symptoms of illness in the past 14 days.

*As mentioned above, this week no registration is required for weekday minyanim. *Registration is required for Shabbos minyanim (Friday evening through Motzai Shabbos).
*Given the limited space, please make sure that you only reserve a spot that you can attend. Several people were unable to attend minyanim that were listed as "full" but in fact had several empty seats.
*  Use this link to register on our registration lists hosted by "Signup.com". There, you can also see Minyan numbers in real time and adjust your selections as needed.
*This week two family members may sit together. This family "couple" sitting next to each other should take only ONE slot in the registration form.

Protocols for Participation (Shabbos and weekday):
*Participants must wear a face mask covering one’s nose and mouth at all times while in the building.
*There will be no access to bathrooms. Please plan accordingly.
*In an effort to minimize shared surfaces, the Shul will be a “no-touch zone.” Doors to the building and each room will be propped open and should be left open at all times. Please come in without touching any surfaces and go directly to the seat you choose for davening. Seats and other surfaces will be disinfected regularly.
*Those attending the Main Shul minyan should enter through the main doors only. Those attending the Heritage Hall minyan should enter through the Heritage Hall doors only.
*Bring Siddurim and Chumashim from home.  Do not use the Shul's books.
*Chairs have been positioned with careful calculations to ensure proper distancing. Do not move any chairs. Please remain by your seat throughout davening.
*There is to be no congregating in the building before or after davening. Please exit directly after the end of davening.
List of Minyanim
June 26 -July 3

Minyanim inside will be hosted in the Main Shul (MS) or Heritage Hall (HH). A limited women's section is available at all Main Shul services.
The outside minyan will be hosted in the Temima parking lot.
If you find no minyan slot available, or have any questions please feel free to email us by clicking here.

Shabbos, June 26-27
By registration only! Click here to register.
Friday, June 26
Mincha, Kabbalas Shabbos, Maariv
7:05pm MS and HH and Temima Parking Lot
8:35pm MS and HH 

Shabbos, June 27
7:00am HH
8:00am MS and Temima Parking Lot
9:00am HH 

2:15pm MS
5:30pm MS and HH
7:00pm HH and Temima Parking Lot

9:45pm HH
9:55pm MS
10:10pm HH

Week of June 28 - July 3
No registration required. Facemask. Distance. Siddur from home.
7:00am  MS
8:00am  HH and Temima Parking Lot
9:00am  HH

Monday and Thursday
Sunrise Minyan  6:05am  MS
6:50am  HH
8:00am  HH and Temima Parking Lot

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday
Sunrise Minyan  6:05am  MS
7:00am  HH
8:00am  HH and Temima Parking Lot

Mincha Sunday through Friday
2:30pm MS

Mincha / Maariv Sunday through Thursday 
8:35pm  HH and MS and Temima Parking Lot

Late Maariv Sunday through Thursday
9:45pm  MS