Miracle at Warao
Warao classroom
In January, a visitor to Warao Primary school in rural Kenya saw children sitting on dirt floors, classroom walls crumbling and few desks or books. Moved by their plight, the visitor pledged to help the school's 300 children.

This week, ten fundis (builders) and eight assistants began refurbishing Warao. Walls in the school's five classrooms were raised to roof level, doors and windows installed, and sealer applied to crude brick walls. In town, local craftsmen are building new desks, and textbooks are on order. Warao Primary students will soon have a real school! 

Newly sealed walls
"We have never seen a more supportive community," says KSHP manager, Ms. Date. Community members are at the school from dawn to dusk ensuring all runs smoothly. Every day they bring water and cook lunch and dinner for the workers."

A Miracle has come to the children and families of Warao School community.

From holes in the wall . . . 
. . to real windows and doors.

Phase II - coming next week!
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