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Talks for the month of May 2015

Miracles Co-Created 


  • Women Empowering Women
  • Publisher Raymond Aaron Interview from Canada
  • Retreat
  • On The Couch 
  • Women Empowering Women:


Convenor Cheryl Eley of LifeLine +27 31 465 9216 / +27 84 679 3971 offers a bi-monthly support group meeting for emotionally and physically abused women.


We shared an empowering time together filled with connection, engagement and synergy leaving us all inspired and excited. This spontaneous, fun filled and joyous encounter, filled with stories and encouragement, went beyond the life pain, abuse and fire of life.


Twelve women came together to hear about my book Yes, Yes YOU! 10 Stepping Stones to GET ON with YOUR LIFE. In the process, these twelve women became twelve friends - each one with a purpose to spread the hope and joy of life after abuse. They learnt that there is a time and place for life healing. And then there is also a place for sharing and teaching others as to how to GET ON with their lives, to live into self-transcendence, Life-Calling and reach out towards others, cause and/or God's work for them.


  • Raymond Aaron Interview:


Publishing company Raymond Aaron Group of Canada interviewed me for the second time on my book Yes, Yes YOU! The question raised was "What miracles have taken place in having written the book?" The answer went way past myself to a client Kate who is in the process of signing up multi-million dollar deals with global companies. The interview will soon be posted on



  • Retreat:


Convenor Chrisna Ashforth Eagle View Centre +27 82 443 5875


Based on Yes, Yes YOU! 10 Stepping Stones to GET ON with YOUR LIFE is introduced and worked through by myself the author.


This will be a three day retreat 22 - 24 May 2015 that will include such topics as:

  • Your in-depth Appreciative look at YOU!
  • To Heal and Manifest an Empowered YOU!
  • To find Clarity, Peace and Strategy for YOU!
  • How YOU can co-create Miracles into your Life!


Please see notification below for details. Space for YOU is available - come join us and give yourself an opportunity to create some miracles in your life.


  • On The Couch:


Convenor Hilary and Carmen Teal - Carmen@bizwhiz.co.za 


This informal business platform empowers entrepreneurs by bringing together like-minded business owners on a monthly bases to participate in live discussions, listen to specialist guest speakers. In a safe and relaxed environment members and guests network for business.


The next meeting on 28 May 2015 offers interviews with Mrs SA Semi Finalist and Miss Teen Finalist and then there is myself.


Reynolds Easthorpe will interview me on my book Yes, Yes YOU! This book is applicable to business and personal living. It is about YOU shifting what YOU are stuck with. It offers YOU the tools as to how YOU can do the very things that YOU are meant to be doing in this lifetime. This is the time, now already, that YOU give yourself the opportunity to get clear on your Life Calling!


Come join us for a fun biz meeting - please see invitation below for details.





Yes, Yes YOU!

10 Stepping Stones to GET ON with YOUR LIFE


Retreat presented by the Author

How to make Miracles happen in your Life!




22 - 24 May 2015

Eagle View Centre

Gilletts Kzn South Africa


Your in-depth Appreciative look at YOU!

To Heal and Manifest an Empowered YOU!

To find clarity, peace and strategy for YOU!

How YOU can co-create Miracles into your life!


Creative Workshops

Vegetarian Meals


Meditative Walks


For more information contact:

Barbara Johnson +27 82 784 7656




Chrisna Ashforth +27 82 443 5875





South African Residents R3000

Overseas Residents $400

All Meals Included

Accommodation can be arranged at R150 per person

Chrisna Ashforth of Eagle View Yoga Centre will host us and           provide a wonderful setting for our time together





Biz Networking - On The Couch





PDA - Personal Development Assessment