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The Hope Campaign

Generosity + Love + Faith = Lives Transformed

In early April, we began The Hope Campaign with the goal of assisting the most underprivileged families and kids in our programs in Bulgaria with food and essential products. Because of the COVID-19 restrictions, there is a greater need for food and clean water to prevent starvation globally. The locations where we work in Bulgaria are no exception. Almost all of our locations have been negatively impacted. Although gatherings of any kind are prohibited, our partnering organizations in Bulgaria have received permits to go and deliver food or, alternately, to open food banks. 

God is once again showing us He is with us and He continues to provide through people like you who show immense compassion through action. We are beyond thankful for each hope donation, faith-prayers, calls, and emails of concern and support. Once again, we are seeing that even in crisis, God’s love prevails, that His Word is our anchor, and that His church cannot be silenced or defeated.

Miracles Born out of Love:
Uganda was completely shut down in early April. The restrictions there and in most African countries continue to be very harsh. No traveling between cities is allowed, meaning several of our teachers from our school/orphanage are unable to get back to their homes. The kids in our school have been asked by the local government to return to their families. Sadly, 90% of them are orphans, so some are staying with distant relatives, but we do not currently know much about their safety. Some in close proximity to the area have had food delivered, but again, our teachers are prohibited from leaving the area. The needs there, just like in Bulgaria, are great! We will continue to do whatever we can to assist as many of them as we can during this time of crisis and uncertainty.
  • Pray for God’s continued provision for our organization during this time of global crisis.

  • Ask God for protection over all of the kids from our programs from abuse, kidnapping, and trafficking. 

  • Ceitci’s (in person) speaking engagements have been canceled through the summer. However, she is conducting several online classes and webinar speaking engagements. Make sure to visit our website to hear her speak or to book her for Live Zoom conferences and services. CLICK HERE FOR ITINERARY AND BOOKINGS.