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Two weeks ago we sent out an urgent request for prayers and donations for Home of Hope India! The government had demanded $7,000 worth of renovations as well as a crucial meeting on August 28th where they would decide whether Home of Hope could stay open.

We serve a God of miracles! ALL the finances to cover the renovations came in within two days! When our Home of Hope India director, Andrew Paul, went to his meeting with Indian officials on August 28th he had so much favour! They were impressed with him and our organization! Amazing!

Please continue to pray for Andrew Paul and his wife, Ruth as they lead with integrity in a corrupt country!


´╗┐LIVE from Kenya, Congo AND Rwanda!
Stay updated as Brian Thomson travels to THREE different nations, Kenya, Congo & Rwanda! Follow us on Facebook for LIVE video updates of our different projects.

We currently have a team in Africa and they are having an amazing time and keeping busy! Everything from street outreaches, feeding programs, visiting the Dream Centre babies, to training pastors and the pregnancy care team!

We never get tired of seeing hungry children with full bellies!
Government Issued Solar Water Heaters
The Kenyan government has issued mandatory solar water heaters for organizations of a certain size. To install these at the Dream Centre, it will cost $6000 CAD. If we do not install them, it will be a fine of $10,000 USD! Crazy!

If this is a need you would like to donate towards, click the donate tab!
If you have any further questions regarding this need, just ask!
There are upcoming teams going to Rwanda, Kenya, Congo, Burundi and Malawi.
If you are interested in joining a trip in the next 2 years,   click here to learn more & apply!
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~The Home of Hope Team

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