We are reaching the most remote areas of the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!
This kind of miracles happen ONLY IN TUNDRA!!!!

It is hard to heard deer flock of a 1000. so they divide the flock in 3 or 4 smaller flocks and heard them in different locations in tundra where they eat moss digging it from under the snow. They stay in one place for several weeks and then they gather all flocks and move to a new location.
Yulia and Anatoliy Beregovye are famous people in TUNDRA ! They have the largest herd of deers - over 1000 heads. We see them as leaders who are equipped to take the Gospel to 5 nationalities of Taimyr! R ecently Yulia and her husband came to Dudinka to visit their youngest son in the boarding school and the during lunch at our church she shared their powerful testimony how God did a miracle!! !
In this video below Yulia is telling how one day as they were moving the whole herd to a new location they realised that they lost around 400 deers. They could not fin d them anywhere. In the evening Anatoliy and Yulia prayed and asked God to help them find the flock . They prayed to Jesus in Nenets language)). The next morning they got on the snowmobile and went to look for the lost deers just going at random. Yulia continued praying during the ride. Suddenly she saw a dark cloud moving in the midst of the snowstorm . She thought it was a hallucination .She asked Anatoliy to stop and they got off the snowmobile looking how t his dark cloud was getting closer and closer . It was the lost heard running toward them! ! Anatoliy fell on his knees right there in the midst of snowstorm and start thanking Jesus for bringing deers!!!!
Just watch for yourself this 30 sec video in Russian how Yulia with her husband, youngest son and relatives shared with us her testimony!!
Dear partners! Thank you for helping us go to the lost in the most remote areas of the world! !
Together we are changing the Russia into a GODLY NATION!!!!