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22 January 2019


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I've battled depression for 20 years.

Actually, that's how long ago it was officially diagnosed. I probably battled it long before that. As does my Mom, as did her Mom, as do my kids...

For those of you who were part of this audience for "the answer is yes" column, here are some more. Is depression physical or spiritual? Yes. Is it emotional or biochemical? Yes. Do people need medication, therapy, or changed behavior? Yes.

Last night, I had my first visit with a new psychiatrist, Dr James Abanishe. When I arrived and saw "Mountain View Behavioral Health," it was further confirmation that psychiatrists are a different breed! He was referred by a friend of a friend of a friend, but no matter how closely you know someone, it's an act of faith to walk in the door and pour out your soul.

Turns out - his business card explains the name of his practice. It's a reference to Psalm 133:3, comparing unity between brothers in the faith with the dew on Mt Herman! The whole practice is named after the Old Testament counterpart for John 17! Do you think God's got this? I do!!!

Dave Drum, Founder
J17 Ministries

PS I got permission from Mountain Dew Behavioral Health for this article.
PPS For more info on the value of transparency, read this week's Collaboration Corner.
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As the name implies, J17 Ministries is all about aligning hearts with Jesus’ own as expressed in John 17. J17 Ministries is a big idea, but with practical implications in every city.
  • State incorporation paperwork was filed this last week!
  • We've hit 77% of our initial funding goal! Help us hit the target by clicking HERE.
  • New initiatives from last week include greater Jew/Gentile harmony, and a new training opportunity born out of five ministries collaborating together!

Check out the website for more info.

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Harmony Hub
John 17 Weekends, a glimpse at heaven-like harmony

I was first introduced to the three-day movement, which includes John 17 Weekends, when I was a teenager. After my dad had participated in an area men’s weekend, he continued to be a part of the three-day community for several years. I didn’t really understand what he did on those weekends away but he certainly seemed excited about it. Despite his gentle invitations though, I had no real desire to participate in a weekend of my own.

Fast-forward more than 15 years, and the name, John 17 Weekends, kept popping up in my different circles. I asked a friend what it was and she shared about a unique retreat where Christians from different congregations around Tucson fellowship together for three full days. It sounded totally outside my comfort zone, but I recognized God’s invitation to go deeper in relationship with Him by growing deeper in relationship with others.

And so, later that year I attended John 17 Weekend #2. The fellowship and unity I experienced during those 72 hours was, to me, a glimpse of what Jesus’ prayer in John 17 must look like when it is being realized: where there is unity, there is love. I went to the weekend only knowing three people; I left with 50 new friends. These women belong to congregations all over Tucson, yet whenever we see one another it feels like “church” is happening right there in that moment and place.

I am thankful I accepted God’s invitation that summer two years ago. I have yet to find anything that compares to the feeling of Christian unity and I get excited every time I witness it in our city. If you are interested in learning more about John 17 Weekends, you can go HERE for more information. Consider how God is calling you to go deeper, not only with Him, but also with the Body of Christ.

Harmony Hub Contributor:
Tasha Campbell, J17 Ministries Volunteer
Collaboration Corner
Transparency is one of seven building blocks for greater unity/harmony, and more successful collaboration. (The other six? Conviction, humility, listening, thanksgiving, service, and prayer.) Collaboration is completely dependent on the depth and trust in a relationship, and trust takes time to develop. Transparency is both an indicator of trust that already exists, and an invitation for trust to develop more quickly. As I heard recently, "In order to be fully loved you have to be fully known." That requires transparency.

Transparency levels the playing field and disarms some of the enemy’s chief tools of pride, jealousy, and envy. Transparency is especially helpful when building relationships with those who are very different from us, or with whom trust has been broken or never successfully built in the first place.

The younger a person is, the quicker they can sniff out hypocrisy! Transparency is way more attractive than play acting! Christians experience bumps and bruises just like everyone else, and until we face them and work through them, we’re likely to transfer those wounds to others. As the saying goes, “hurt people hurt people.” Transparency not only helps as we process our challenges with others, it gives permission for everyone else in the group to do the same.

Ready to dive into deeper transparency?
  • Start with “I feel, I felt… when, I’m feeling …” Owning and articulating feelings is letting someone else into your soul.
  • A statement that starts with “You…” probably isn’t going to be transparent!
  • Use discernment! Test the waters with your transparency. Dumping the whole load at the wrong time or until trust levels have grown can do more harm than good. Ask a trusted friend if you’re unsure if what you want to share would be wise at this time/place or not.

Collaboration Corner Contributor:
Dave Drum, Founder J17 Ministries
Here are the latest opportunities to strengthen
your faith and connect with the community.
Connections For Everyone
Sunday,  January 27
Service - 2:30 pm, Walk - 4 pm
Worship Concert - 5 pm
Book of Life Community Church
2151 N. Palo Verde Blvd.|  Map

Join in the mission of honoring the memory of those who died in the Holocaust, stand together against anti-Semitism, and enhance friendships between the Jewish and Christian communities. The service will include testimony from Holocaust survivor Sidney Finkel. Walk begins at 4:00 pm and is followed by a worship concert per formed by Shel Zahav.

There is no charge to attend and all are welcome. For more information call 520-326-2020 or 520-327-6233, or click  HERE .
Saturday, February 2 | 8 am
Victory Worship Center
2561 W. Ruthrauff Rd. | Map

Join us as we celebrate 11 years of Tucson's largest Children's Ministry Conference. During the 4 breakout sessions, you'll be able to choose from tons of great seminars and workshops, that we call labs! These labs are designed to strengthen your ability to reach children in today's world. All registrations include a continental breakfast and lunch.
Saturday, March 23 | 6 pm
The Amphitheater at Reid Park (Bandshell)
S. Country Club Rd. & E. 22nd Ave.

4Tucson is teaming up with the National Day of Prayer to bring you a quarterly CITYWIDE PRAYER GATHERING! Our first one will be at the Reid Park Bandshell! Don't miss this excellent opportunity to join together with believers all across this city to pray for our city as the unified body of Christ!
Click HERE for more upcoming events.
Connections for Pastors
Thursday, February 7 | 11 am - 1 pm
The Journey Church

Join us this month as we explore the topic of "Getting and Keeping Great Volunteers", with guest speaker Robin Blumenthal. Every church is totally dependent on faithful volunteers, but too few leaders are great at both obtaining and supporting these servants. When volunteers are supported well, we’ll not only find that we can keep these volunteers, but it is easier to recruit even more people.
Normally 3rd Tuesday of month
11:30 am - 12:45 pm

Pastors from a variety of backgrounds meet together to pursue racial reconciliation as brothers and sisters in Christ. If you would like to be part of this group and to  confirm the meeting location , please contact Apostle Warren Anderson or Pastor Dan Johnson.
Click HERE for more upcoming events.
If you are part of an area event promoting unity and collaboration among the citywide
Body of Christ and beyond and would like it included in an upcoming newsletter,
please click HERE to submit your request.
John 17 Weekends
Team and Participant applications are currently being accepted!
Men's weekend: July 18-21
Women's weekend: July 25-28

Submit your application now and be a part this year's Tucson area Christian discipleship weekend that emphasizes the essentials of the Christian life and walk.
Church of the Week

Corona de Tucson Baptist Church
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Holy Land & Oberammergau
June 1-13, 2020
Packing tip: Wardrobe Coordination
How can we 'travel light' on a long trip?

Layering is the answer. Begin with 3-4 pairs of basic color pants (or skirts, if preferred), such as black, navy or khaki. Add 5-6 coordinating tops, a jacket, and 2 pairs of comfortable shoes. 1 hat for protection from the sun and 1 for warmth.

NOTE: we do not have occasion for 'dressy' clothes on this trip... comfortable, casual attire (jeans/t-shirts/tops) will work well for each day.