Leoni Meadows is still standing!
Praise the Lord!

These photos were taken about 7:30 p.m. this evening by Craig Philpott. Please share this wonderful news with your family and friends!

But also - please pray for the staff members who lost their homes!

Message from Leoni Meadows Executive Director Craig Heinrich:

Hey Friends,

I have some great news about Leoni. Like my friend Carmen said: Don't count it out until you see it with your own eyes.

Preliminary Account - Chris and Eric made it to camp and have an eyes-on account of what is standing:
The Leoni House is standing.
The Leoni Lodge is standing.
The Meadow View Inn is standing.
The Tri-plex is standing.
The Woodshop is standing.
The Go-Cart Shed is standing.
Terry's and Charlie's House is damaged but standing.
The shop is standing with minimal damage.
The Director's House is standing.

Buildings that did not fair as well:
Granny Flat
Nature Center
Alexander Home
Medical/Summer Office
Pool House - some major damage
The barn

My heart is saddened for the loss of homes for Debbi and Dale, Anna Kim, Forrest and Bobby Hutton. They are each such an important part of the Leoni Family.

Let us remember and be thankful to our God, the firefighters, and law enforcement for making this nightmare a little more livable. God bless you all.
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