One of our business clients is in the process of obtaining financing. When a UCC search was performed to confirm existing secured parties, we uncovered a filing by the United States Small Business Administration ("SBA") that was unfamiliar to our client. After some research and communication with the SBA, we discovered that it was a fraud perpetrated on the SBA using some publicly-available information about our client. The Boston Regional Office of the SBA responded quickly and is investigating the fraud so that it can clear the matter up for our client.
We encourage our clients to perform a UCC search to see if there is a 2020 filing by the SBA that is unfamiliar to them. If your company is a Massachusetts entity, you can click here to perform a search. If your company was formed in another state, then you will have to go to the secretary of state’s website for that state, or hire a private service, to perform a search. 

If you have any questions regarding this matter or would like us to perform an informal search for you (or to request a formal search on your behalf), please free to contact our Business Law Group.