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Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the greenest paper company of all? 

Virgin paper manufacturers confuse paper buyers with misleading comparisons of the environmental impacts of virgin paper vs. recycled paper.


Jeff Mendelsohn

Over the last six months, some of the largest virgin fine paper manufacturers in North America have launched major marketing initiatives holding themselves up as environmental leaders.  They support these claims by postulating that virgin paper manufacturing generates the same or less greenhouse gas emissions than recycled fine paper.  They continue with broad statements suggesting high recycled content is not appropriate for fine printing and writing papers.

How do they arrive at this conclusion? By looking in the mirror.  Two large virgin coated paper companies ... read on

The Paper Task Force Report

The goal of the Paper Task Force was to conduct complete lifecycle analysis of the impacts of post-consumer recycled paper vs. virgin paper in order to establish guidelines for minimum impact paper purchasing.  The authors of this report include senior executives from Duke University, Environmental Defense Fund, Johnson & Johnson, McDonald's Corporation, Prudential Insurance, and Time Inc.  Data came from hundreds of experts..  more  

Comparing Apples to Life-Cycle Assessments

Jeff and Office Depot

Frank Locantore 

As of now there are no agreed upon standards for conducting a life-cycle assessment (LCA) for paper manufacturing - each one has different "boundaries" for what is included in the analysis. One study done by Verso Paper Company and their customer, the National Geographic Society, found that the paper production for National Geographic magazine produced 1.57-tons (1,424 kg) of carbon dioxide....  read on 

Sign the TREEty & KICK THE CAN

Breast Cancer Fund

In 2003, in partnership with the Breast Cancer Fund, New Leaf Paper launched TREEty a joint venture to support the work of the Breast Cancer Fund to prevent breast cancer while protecting the environment.  As you may know, dioxins in the environment - including those coming from chlorine bleach - are some of the most toxic chemicals in the world and are a known

Treaty Logo

carcinogen.  When you sign the TREEty, you agree to purchase New Leaf recycled, high post consumer, and mostly processed chlorine-free paper. New Leaf Paper will then donate a percentage of your purchase to support the Breast Cancer Funds' work to prevent breast cancer.  To sign the TREEty, contact Eileen Ellis at (415) 830-4568.


And, during the month of July, the Breast Cancer Fund is asking you to "Kick the Can."  Summer's fresh vegetables and fruit are bountiful in the produce department at your local grocery store...what better time to take a pass on canned food?  New Leaf Paper, in partnership with the Breast Cancer Fund, is kicking the can this July! Together we're sending ...  more


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Better Paper Buying

Buying Club

Whether you're getting onto recycled paper for the first time or just looking for a better deal, buying recycled paper in bulk with other magazines can increase your purchasing power and reduce your cost. The Better Paper Buying Club allows our members to get the best environmental paper and the lowest cost. Contact Casey Hafner for more information.


New Leaf at Target 

Target Shelf New Leaf Paper has introduced 100% recycled school and office products to the market. The collection at Target Stores includes beautifully designed notebooks with 100% recycled content. We are excited to offer this great product line - the best environmentally responsible and affordable products.

Sustainable Paper Solutions: SFMOMA


San Francisco Museum of Modern Art uses New Leaf Paper, including Imagination and Pioneer for publications, mailers and calendars.

Loose Leaf  limited edition art on New Leaf Paper


Loose Leaf logo

Loose Leaf is the latest concept in art collecting. Published twice a year, the Loose Leaf collection is a limited edition print series of large-format, 3-hole punched, printed art works. Each edition comes in a binder along with 3 silver pushpins for easy hanging.  


Conceived and curated by San Francisco design studio Manual, Loose Leaf is a collaborative effort. Each edition features newly commissioned works by artists, designers, photographers, illustrators, and writers that have caught the attention of the studio. It's printed exclusively on New Leaf Paper's Primavera Silk 80% Recycled FSC paper. Great to know that the art world is recognizing that you don't have to sacrifice our environment to get high quality printing.