Mirror Lake Retreat Homecoming Celebration!

As we roll towards the end of summer, I wanted to touch base with you regarding our 55th Anniversary Mirror Lake Event coming August 20, 21, and 22. I'm excited for our District to gather again, even if in a limited way. I look forward to seeing many of you in person for the first time in well over a year. 

That said, even as we plan, we know that COVID isn't done yet. We must remain vigilant to protect ourselves and those we love from serious sickness and/or death. To that end, I want to share with you what our District and Mirror Lake staff are doing to make your time with us as safe as possible, and then ask some things of you:

  • All District staff and Mirror Lake staff working the homecoming weekend will be either vaccinated or receive a negative COVID test that week. I'm pleased to report that our District leadership team are all fully vaccinated, and we continue to encourage Nazarenes across the region to be vaccinated as soon as possible.

  • The Mirror Lake team is preparing for your arrival by making sure all buildings are fogged, that high-efficiency filters are in place, and that all public areas are cleaned and disinfected frequently. All Mirror Lake staff will be MASKED throughout the weekend, whether indoors or outdoors. 

  • Foodservice will now be located outdoors. We're hoping for great weather but have backup plans in case of storms. Our services as well will be held outdoors under a large tent. Social distancing will be in place following CDC guidelines. 

  • We have three worship experiences with Rev. Scott Daniels preaching: Friday at 7 PM, Saturday at 10 AM, and Sunday at 10 AM. These will all be under the tent and social distancing rules will be in place following CDC guidelines.

  • The Stanley Moore Chapel dedication SERVICE will be held in the main tent area, and then small group tours of the Chapel after. The Baptism service will be held in the lake, with outdoor space for those observing to sit/stand. 

Now, what can YOU do to ensure this is a safe and meaningful event?

  • All indoor spaces (other than your private lodging) will require all guests to wear masks. This means going into public spaces, bathrooms, Camp Store, or other spaces NOT specific to your family will require all guests to wear your mask.

  • Outdoor mask wearing for guests will be optional - but we encourage all guests to consider those around them and mask up when others are near. 

  • The Metro District supports all of the major vaccines and encourages everyone to get theirs in advance. If not vaccinated, guests will need to be tested the week of August 16th and receive a negative test result. 

  • If you are showing ANY signs of COVID, or any other sickness, please choose to stay home. 

  • Respect social distancing - given this will be the first time in over a year our District family is gathering in a large setting, the temptation will be to hug, shake hands, etc. Our recommendation is to keep socially distant from anyone not in your immediate family and avoid any touching like handshaking. We are especially concerned that our DS and family, our guest speaker, and our District Staff remain healthy to continue to serve you - as such, they are being instructed to remain at least 3 feet from all guests at all times. 

  • Every guest will be asked to register and check-in when they arrive - even those just attending for the day and not staying over. This will help us with contact tracing should any COVID cases be identified.

  • Anyone that attends these events that test positive for COVID within 10 days of the weekend is asked to notify us at the District Office so we can cooperate with health authorities and notify those who might have been exposed. 

If we do these things, our Mirror Lake Homecoming and 55th Anniversary Celebration will be a rousing success. We're looking forward to seeing each of you there!!

Pastor Bruce
Metro New York District for the Church of the Nazarene
201 West Valley Stream Blvd
Valley Stream, NY 11580

516-561-8614 Main Office