Mischief's Floating Gardens - Mogul
Tucked away along the lake in the center of Byrne Park lies one of Titan City's mogul structures - Mischief's Floating Gardens.
Rising out of the lake park visitors can see part of the structure entrance mingled in with the natural terrain, like a discreet entrance to a park facility by the lake. But a closer look from the water shows that beneath the structure is another entrance to a secret, underwater lair.
Looking across the water from any angle, the hideout blends in with the nature and you would need to look closely to see that there is a secret base emerging from the water. Like many bases in Titan City, it will make for a great secret location for players to stumble upon!
If you happen to see Mischief, there is an entry at the top of the structure, and one down at the bottom / center that leads into the underwater lair. You will have to ask Mischief for more details on what is happening inside this top-secret fortress...