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Misinformation about watertight versus waterproof
When it comes to flooring, we can agree that water or any liquid (or chemical) is not a good thing. Whether you have watertight flooring or waterproof flooring will be the determining factor of whether or not you have a problem.

A watertight floor prevents liquids from passing through the surface level – even at the seams. That’s why watertight—or liquid-tight—floors in a healthcare environment or industries where chemicals are used is desirable.

Waterproof floors share a similar feature as watertight flooring in that spilled liquids will not penetrate the material’s surface. Liquids may penetrate through the seams to the subfloor and that’s a key difference.

For our interlocking FreeStyle product, we offer a seam sealer to make your flooring water/liquid tight. Similarly, SelecTech sells FreeStyle as a single sheet and that’s also watertight.

For more information on the difference between watertight and waterproof, please check out the article below call one of our technical flooring experts at 508-583-3200.
Mitigating Electrostatic Risks in Healthcare
Static electricity in a healthcare setting can have some major impacts in patient comfort and care. Not to mention the possible impact on diagnosis. In this video presentation, SelecTech President Tom Ricciardelli addresses how static electricity can be mitigated in that setting.
Flooring selection can make or break an athletic facility. The chosen material needs to not only perform exceptionally, but it should look great at the same time. Having a functional, aesthetically pleasing floor can create a high-quality athletic environment.

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