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A New Look At China Beating The U.S. On Patents Can Be Misleading  

China's patent applications reached 1.5 million in 2018, more than twice the number in the U.S., as the Chinese country pushes ahead to become a global technology power. China accounted for 46 percent of patent filings globally.
It was the first time that China leaped ahead of the U.S., which came in at a distant second place with 597,141 applications for patents to protect its intellectual property, according to newly released figures from the World Intellectual Property Organization.
Keep in mind that this latest indicator of China's inventiveness is a bit misleading. That 1.5 million is a domestic figure, representing patents filed within China nationally. It's not the international picture or patents filed via the Geneva-based World Intellectual Property Organization. Looked at from that WIPO score, U.S.-based applicants filed for 56,142 patents applications or 22 percent of the total, followed by 53,345 from China at 21 percent.
No matter your perspective, it's clear where this trend is leading. My new book, Tech Titans of China , points out that China has climbed from seventh place globally a decade ago to second today for patent applications via WIPO.
Read more at Forbes, Patent Race

With more U.S. doors closing to China what are the supply chain options for its emerging tech champions? 

China detains two Americans amid growing scrutiny of foreigners. "China has become a risky place. If you are going to do business there you had better know what the laws are and you had better follow them, because China is not going to let anyone slide, especially not an American or a Canadian."

5G networks could be active in 2 to 3 years: Cisco CEO
Mornings with Maria  Fox Business 

Beleaguered bike-sharing company Ofo has issued a rare public statement refuting online rumors that it had borrowed more than 1.7 billion yuan in a bid to kick-start its moribund business. Ofo isn't giving up so quickly.   Caixin on Ofo

A red scare has washed over Silicon Valley. 
Bloomberg's Shelly Banjo @sbanjo

Hundreds flood Brooklyn Nets game in Stand with Hong Kong t-shirts. What's the connection with the Nets? Alibaba co-founder Joe Tsai owns the franchise.  

Mark Zuckerberg in Washington, DC in a speech at Georgetown University: "China is now exporting their vision of the internet to other countries. Until recently, the internet in almost every country outside China has been defined by American platforms with strong free expression values."
Why China's TicToc has been gathering scrutiny from Zuckerberg and U.S. politicians: censorship reasons:   MarketWatch
But actually, if you read my article in 
Harvard Business Review, you'll realize that there are two versions of the ByteDance-made app: one censored for China, one for rest of the world. 

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A Splinternet is developing: China vs. US
CNBC Asia, October 14, 2019

Trump's latest salvo against China targets AI startups. 
Wired , October 9, 2019

Impact of U.S.-China Tech Cold War
Bloomberg Daybreak Asia    September 26, 2019
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my new book, Tech Titans of China
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October 10, 2019