Welcome from Director of Health and Wellness

Dear MHS Families,

Hello from the Health & Wellness Center at 492 Holmes Road!

I am Ms. Kristen Milano, Director of Health and Wellness. For our new families and students, welcome to MHS. For our returning families and students, welcome back. I look forward to meeting all of you in the upcoming weeks.

The Health & Wellness Center is comprised of two full-time nurses, two part-time nurses, and two counselors. We are located on the second floor of Main Building. 

As we ramp up preparations for the start of the school year, we are reaching out with some information regarding health and safety protocols for 2022-23.

Please note that there are specific protocols for the arrival period of August 28th to September 9th which all MHS members must follow. 

Please read this entire communication as it contains important information for all students and families.

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COVID Protocols

MHS’s Incident Response Team closely monitors developments regarding COVID-19, making decisions grounded in real data and sound guidance from public health experts.

It is our practice to meet or exceed local, state, and national guidelines regarding COVID safety and define specific policies and protocols that work for MHS. Our current protocols are outlined below.

Any changes will be communicated to students and families as needed.

  • Vaccination: All current students must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 before the start of the school year. Boosters are strongly recommended for everyone eligible. Proof of vaccination must be uploaded in the Magnus electronic medical records portal.

  • Masking: Masking is optional on campus and during off-campus trips and activities. The School may require indoor masking in response to community health rates and/or during times when there is more risk of exposure, such as immediately following long breaks. We encourage individuals to wear masks if they feel more comfortable doing so, and we respect everyone's choices.

  • Testing: Per CDC guidelines and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, MHS will no longer conduct weekly community testing. We will, however, continue to administer rapid tests for symptomatic individuals as this has proven to be effective in preventing spread of the virus. If an individual experiences symptoms while on campus, they should report to the Health Center immediately for a rapid test. 

  • Symptom Screening: Students will do daily health screenings using the MyMedBot application. New students will receive access to MyMedBot during the first week of school. If an individual experiences symptoms while at home, please do not come to campus! Contact the Health Center for further instructions.

  • Isolation & quarantine: Positive individuals must isolate for at least 5 days, per CDC guidelines. Students may not resume in-person activities until they have a negative test result. The CDC no longer recommends quarantine for close contacts; however, MHS may require students or employees to follow quarantine protocols in certain situations.

  • Visitors: Visitors to campus must check in with Campus Safety upon arrival and follow all current MHS protocols. For certain events with pre-registration (e.g. admissions open house, reunion, and ticketed performances), the School may require proof of vaccination. Visitors who are experiencing symptoms or have been recently exposed to a positive individual should reschedule their campus visit. 

  • Off-campus activities: We will resume regular off-campus activities and trips on September 9. Common Good Guidelines apply during off-campus activities. Activities may be changed or canceled based on current local or campus conditions.

  • Common Good Guidelines: All community members must adhere to the MHS Common Good Guidelines at all times. We are updating these guidelines to reflect these protocols and will share them soon.

Additional Protocols for Arrival Period

(August 28-September 9)

  • During the week prior to arrival on campus, students are encouraged to wear masks in public — including on public transportation and airplanes — and to avoid large gatherings or settings with higher risk of exposure.

  • All students are required to take a COVID-19 rapid test 24 hours before arrival on campus. If a student tests positive or is experiencing COVID-like symptoms, they should not travel to campus. Please alert the Health Center right away. 

  • Families are welcome to come to campus on arrival days. Only one family member is allowed in the dorm at a time to help with move-in. 

  • All students will wear masks indoors during the arrival period, regardless of arrival date.

  • Boarding students will take a rapid test on Day 5 after arriving on campus. This testing will be coordinated with the Health Center. Students will continue to mask until September 9, even if they have received a negative test result on day 5.

  • Boarding students may not spend the night off-campus during the arrival period.

  • Day students may not spend the night on campus during the arrival period.

  • Students may go off-campus only on school-sponsored field trips. All other off-campus activities, and events with other schools, will begin after September 9.

Submitting Student Health Information

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  • All students must have a complete health profile through the Magnus electronic medical record system by the time school starts. This includes having an up-to-date physical examination and immunization records.

  • Families should have received an email with log-in information for Magnus. If you did not receive this, please contact healthcenter@misshalls.org.

  • Student COVID vaccination records should be uploaded to the Magnus portal along with other immunization records.

  • As a reminder, please upload all information to the Magnus portal by Monday, August 15th.

Important Dates and Reminders

  • Forms: MyBackPack and Magnus forms are all due on Monday, August 15th.
  • Arrival Schedule:
  • Sunday, August 28th
  • New Student International Arrival/Orientation (ISA Co-Heads)
  • Invited Pre-Season Athlete Arrival/Training (For returning students only — must have confirmed with Coach Marks-McCall in July)
  • Proctors (Boarding Proctors to move-in; Day Proctors to join training on Monday, August 29th)
  • Monday, August 29th
  • Proctors (Boarding and Day Proctors arrive for training)
  • Wednesday, August 31st
  • School Elected Leaders (All School President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer; Class Presidents and Class Vice Presidents; AA co-Heads; Social Committee co-Heads; DivCo tri-Heads Only — Training Begins Thursday, September 1st)
  • Friday, September 2nd to Saturday, September 3rd
  • All Returning Boarding Students
  • Returning Day Students Arrive on September 3rd for Registration
  • Sunday, September 4th
  • All New Students
  • Orientation For All New and Returning Students: Sunday, September 4th to Tuesday, September 6th (You will receive a detailed schedule later this month.)
  • Includes a new family meeting and reception on Sunday, September 4th

Closing Message

Thank you for your attention to this information as we continue to strive to make MHS as healthy and safe as possible for our entire community. 

As we look forward to the beginning of the semester, we are energized, motivated, and dedicated to ensuring the safety and well-being of all members of our community. We hope you will all partner with us in making this year one to remember!


Every Friday in August, you will receive a communication from Miss Hall’s School including more importation information and updates you need to know to begin the school year. 


Please feel free to contact us with questions or concerns.


We cannot wait to see you!

Ms. Milano


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