Take care of your health and wellness right at home with these free (and free for a time) resources!
If you've been dreaming of our health and wellness programs , we understand: we're missing our weekly yoga classes, our mindfulness group, Family Yoga Time, and Fitness Fun for Teens, too! While we work to bring you some virtual health and wellness programs (stay tuned for details!), we've compiled a list of fantastic and free resources available to you now. From at-home workouts to meditation apps aimed at combating COVID-19 related anxiety, you'll still be able to hit your health and wellness goals from home.
Tackle anxiety and stress with these resources, offered for free during the current COVID-19 climate.

The Monterey Bay Aquarium takes the prize for cutest meditation hosts: their Morning MeditOcean is guided meditation, featuring sea animals. Their meditation with jellyfish is exeptionally soothing.
Calm.com prioritizes mental and emotional wellness during this time, and has compiled a collection of meditation and mindfulness exercises, for soothing, sleep, and even for kids.

The mindfulness app Headspace has a collection of meditation exercises called "Weathering the Storm" , available for free. They are also offering free access to Headspace Plus, their premium app, for healthcare professionals and educators during this stressful time.

Health and mindfulness app Total Brain is offering free 3-month trial for managing anxiety during the COVID-19 crisis.
Popsugar's ACTIVE app is now available for free, aiming to help users keep active during lockdown. Loaded with video workouts, photo tutorials, treadmill workouts and more.

Daily Burn , which offers thousands of workout videos and online training, is offering a free, 60-day trial.
Yoga app Down Dog is making several of their popular apps, including Yoga, HIIT, and Barre, available for a free trial period through April 1.

mindbodygreen has made five of their classes available for free: Reiki Healing 101, 28 Days to Yoga Bliss, How to Manage Fear, Meditation for Anxiety, and Dance Workouts to boost your mood.

Peloton is offering a free, 90 day trial of its fitness app with fitness sessions ranging from yoga and medication to high-intensity workouts.

Orangetheory is adding new at-home workout videos to YouTube each day.

Planet Fitness is live streaming workout videos on Facebook each day at 7pm EST to keep everyone moving!

hoopla has an extensive collection of health and fitness television shows: from meditation and mindfulness to prenatal yoga and Dance Your Way to Health . To see the entire collection, log in to hoopla and get started!
hoopla also has a great section of workout music! You can stream or download an album for every kind of workout: NOW That's What I Call A Workout for cardio, 90s Throwback Workouts for weights, and Yoga Pop Ups (we are very intrigued by a yoga version of Duran Duran!) for a morning yoga session.
For music to help with meditation and mindfulness, Ossining's own Blake Rowe (he played the Budarz Theater in September!) hosts a phenomenal podcast, Piano Meditations full of beautiful and soothing piano performances.
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