Each week in the Easter Season, April 1 - May 13, this picture of Jesus will be hidden in a different spot inside the churches of Saint Kateri (St. Margaret Mary, Christ the King, and St. Cecilia). Use the hints below (also found in each week’s bulletin)to help you find the picture of Jesus.

After Mass, quietly search the church for this picture. Take a selfie with Jesus’ picture each week in the different hiding spots. Send one selfie each week to jodi.schott@dor.org to complete your mission! Please put: Mission Picture in the subject line of email. All pictures must be submitted by May 13 th . Don’t have a camera? Ask a staff member or friend for help. 

The Saint Kateri school class and Family Faith Formation group that consistently submits the highest percentage of weekly pictures will receive a special treat!
Hints for April 1 & 8
(Same location for April 1 & April 8. Look in a new spot each of the following weeks):
Hint #1 In Persona Christi Latin phrase for this person who has a special role of being Christ at Mass
Hint #2 This person is dressed in robes like Jesus
Hint #3 This person says the same words Jesus said at the Last Supper
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