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The mission of the Lighting Industry today could be described as follows:
“LED’s…the final frontier. To boldly go where no LED has gone before.”
When LED fixtures are installed in most industrial or commercial locations, it’s a lot like the final frontier since no LED has been in that location before. Like a bullet shot into the night, there are many factors that can impact LED life and performance in an environment.
On the top of the list of the things that can impact LED’s is HEAT .
Let’s keep it super simple.

The enemy of LED’s is heat. The heat from an LED is directional – it prefers to go straight out the back of the LED. A key part of the design of an LED fixture is the path the heat must take to get out of the fixture. The Solas Ray Beast has one of the best Thermal Path designs in the lighting industry.
“The LED's Thermal-Path is the Key to Long LED Life!”
Bill Nagengast, Lighting Engineer
Solas Ray Lighting
Holds over 20 patents in the lighting industry.
TJ-36 8.6.18